Wyoming Middle College Partnership

In March 2012, Grand Rapids Community College and Wyoming Public Schools (WPS) signed letter of intent that created a middle college program for the fall of 2012 at Wyoming High School.

The vision of the middle college partnership is to provide the opportunity for participating students to earn both a high school diploma and an associate of arts degree in four years. Wyoming Middle College students will begin in their sophomore year and complete the program after an extended year of classes. Students will be “dual-enrolled” in high school and college courses, with tuition and regular semester fees for the college courses paid for by WPS as part of the district’s per pupil state funding.

Wyoming Middle College — with students being able to earn an associate of arts degree by starting in 10th grade — will be the first such program in the region, and the 26th early/middle college statewide.


  • Application-based program during freshman year, with college courses beginning during their sophomore year.
  • Students will be dual-enrolled.
  • Students will take fewer high school completion courses and more college degree courses in each subsequent year of high school.
  • College course tuition, regular semester fees and textbooks are paid by Wyoming Public Schools. Please note: There could be additional course fees that will be out of pocket expenses for students/families.
  • Tutoring support and advising/counseling support are offered to the students during the day at the high school.

Fall 2012, 50 eligible students formed cohort 1. Cohort 2 started in fall 2013 with 42 students. 40 students make up cohort 3 for fall 2014. Cohort 4 started in fall 2015.  Cohort 5 started in fall 2016.  Cohort 6 started in fall 2017.  Cohort 7 will start in fall 2018.

Students from cohort 1, cohort 2, and cohort 3 who have completed the necessary graduation requirements have been conferred their associate of arts degree with Grand Rapids Community College.   Other students have made the decision to transfer their earned credits to another four year college/university and/or entered the work world.

College Course Layout

CLS 100 (Introduction to College: New Student Experience 2 CR)  fall semester - first year

CJ 110 (Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 CR) winter semester - first year

PS 110 (Survey of American Government 3 CR) and TH 248 (Introduction to Theater 3 CR) fall semester - second year

PY 201 (General Psychology 3 CR) and EC 251 (Principles of Macroeconomics 3 CR) winter semester - second year

EN 101 (English Composition 1 3 CR), SO 254 (Social Problems 3 CR, and AS 103 (Descriptive Astronomy 4 CR) or PH 115 (Technical Physics 4 CR) fall semester - third year

EN 102 (English Composition 2 3 CR), MUS 110 (The Appreciation of World and Western Music 3 CR), and AT 106 (History of Art Since 1400 3 CR) winter semester - third year

All courses for first three years of the program are held at Wyoming High School.

All students will take courses based on an individual advisement plan at GR Campus sites their fourth year.

For additional information please contact:

Dan Clark
Dean of Academic Outreach
(616) 234-4354