Parental Advisory Council (PAC)



The Grand Rapids Community College Upward Bound Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is present to provide support for the program’s students in an effort to promote long-term academic, social and cultural longevity and success.


Based on parent interests and skill level, the Upward Bound PAC will work to:

  • Increase student, institution and community interest by actively sponsoring club activities within the Upward Bound Program (Upward Bound Sports & Athletics, Upward Bound Arts & Technology, Upward Bound Business & Research)
  • Sponsor student travel opportunities with a vision to increase students’ world view
  • Increase community relations by seeking and establishing partnerships with local religious entities, business organizations and other youth-based programs
  • Establish innovative fundraising opportunities for the purpose of acquiring independent financial resources to be used to further program objectives
  • Serve as liaison between program administration, parent supporters and the Upward Bound Alumni Association
  • Establish a foundation group to help support and nurture parent-facilitated workshops, seminars, and/or other cultural activities

Desired Qualities of Members

  • Communication and Active Listening Skills
  • Regular Attendance
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Passion for Student Achievement
  • Flexibility and Open-Mindedness
  • Honesty, Integrity and a Strong Sense of Values

Organizational Structure

Parent members will be divided into Sponsor Committees based on personal interests, skills and program need.  All Sponsor Committees will require a chairperson or co-chairs to help maintain the sustainability of each necessary committee.

Sponsor Committees will be expected to support student efforts by following through on tasks and projects that are determined by each particular committee.  Committees may work to collaborate on relevant projects, using expertise from each committee as part of the overall project.

Secretarial Committee

  • Communicates to all PAC members regarding meeting dates, announcements, activities, etc. via phone calls, emails, etc.
  • Organizes refreshments for PAC meetings
  • Maintains up-to-date contact information for PAC members
  • Maintains attendance or volunteers for activities and meetings

Finance Committee

  • Maintains off-campus fund account
  • Facilitates the use of funds between all sponsor committees
  • Serve as program liaison with Lake Michigan Credit Union
  • Manage financial ledger for PAC

Program Improvement Committee

  • Gather suggestions and improvement-oriented comments from PAC
  • Develop long-term improvement plans and ideas
  • Provide solutions to accepted program areas of concern

Upward Bound Sports & Athletics

  • Support and facilitate student activities that provide support to middle school athletics and individual athletic improvement (all grades)
  • Support and coordinate student activities for athletic growth and possible fundraising opportunities for program

Upward Bound Business & Research

  • Support student research regarding projects, scholarships, contests, etc.
  • Support student research regarding job opportunities, internships, job-shadowing, etc.
  • Support students while working to create employment opportunities for program students (i.e. a student-led lawn care service)

Upward Bound Arts & Technology

  • Support student development and maintenance of Upward Bound (quarterly) newsletter
  • Support student development and maintenance of Upward Bound website
  • rovide support in photography, videography, and editing opportunities

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