Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements of the Upward Bound Program?

All new students (9th grade) are expected to:

  1. Students must attend Creston or Ottawa Hills High Schools
  2. Enroll in the Upward Bound class at their school (and get a B or better)
  3. Attend afterschool tutoring twice a week
  4. Attend one monthly seminar at GRCC
  5. Participate in community service activities (10 hours per year)
  6. Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  7. Attend (2) college residential summer program opportunities for
  8. Participate in the Upward Bound Program with pride, determination,
    responsibility, respect and accountability
  9. Set a positive example for other students at their school and
    within the community

Can my child still participate in sports, extra curricular activities, clubs or GRAPCEP?

Yes, participation in Upward Bound does not affect your child’s participation in other activities. However, he/she still is responsible for communicating with the Upward Bound staff for schedule conflicts due to games, competitions, etc. Upward Bound After School Tutoring is required whether or not your sport takes part in Study Table. Upward Bound After School Tutoring can count towards Study Table for his/her sport. It is the students’ responsibility to let their coach know of Upward Bound schedule conflicts well before the scheduled event. If in GRAPCEP, one tutoring session can be completed at GRAPCEP (AM or PM) and one at Upward Bound to total 2 tutoring sessions, but students must sign in at GRAPCEP to receive credit/

What if my child has to miss tutoring, seminar, or etc. because of an appointment, conflict, etc.?

Parent permission must be given in order for students to miss tutoring. This can be done with a phone call or a note to the Upward Bound teacher or office. Any unexcused absences for tutoring, seminars, etc. will result in the loss of stipend money.

What is the “college summer residential program?”

This is a service Upward Bound provides to all current students each summer at a college campus. Students live in a dormitory living space for 5 consecutive weeks immediately after high schools break for summer. Students will take at least 4 classes a day that will prepare them for the classes they will have the following school year. They will also have weekly tests, homework, evening tutoring, science lab, learn better study and time management habits, and participate in various afternoon and evening activities (plays, gym time, parks, pools, college tours, museums, etc.)

Students will also be put into groups where they will be mentored and monitored by tutor counselors (individuals who are college students or older). Tutor counselors live in the dorms with the students, attend all trips, facilitate tutoring and workshops, etc.

It is mandatory for all Upward Bound students to spend at least 2 summers in the college summer residential program.

Why don’t Upward Bound freshmen or new students receive stipends during the first marking period?

All Upward Bound freshmen or new students must meet the probationary requirements as outlined by the program (see the New Student Orientation Packet).

How much stipend money will my freshman student receive?

Freshmen receive $20 for their stipend ONCE THEY HAVE COMPLETED THE PROBATIONARY PERIOD. This is assuming the student has met all the requirements for attendance, behavior, and GPA in order to receive the full amount.

Does the Upward Bound class grade affect my student’s GPA?

Yes, Upward Bound replaces the required ATC credit. Thus, Upward Bound is a required class for graduation.

Why does my student need tutoring if he/she did well in middle school?

This is a rule/requirement as agreed upon when joining the program. Tutoring is for the well-being of all Upward Bound students.

What happens if my child does not meet the probationary requirements of the first marking period?

If your child does not meet the requirements, he/she will not be considered an active member of the Upward Bound program and will not be allowed to receive program services. Also, an attempt will be made to have your child switched into a new technology class during the second marking period. If this is not possible, your child will be dropped from the Upward Bound class at the semester break. Finally, your child will no longer be in Upward Bound.

How much does the Upward Bound program cost?

There are no monetary costs to the students or the family. Funds are provided by the Department of Education.

Where is the Upward Bound program located?

The Upward Bound office is located at Sneden Hall, a new building on GRCC's campus. Sneden Hall is located on Fulton Street, near Prospect. The vehicle entranct is directly across from Central High School.

Where can I find out more information about TRIO?

Please visit the following websites for more information about TRIO Programs: