English as a Second Language

A smiling student, and the profile of two students

The mission of the Grand Rapids Community College's Adult Education is to provide an adult education to individuals who lack English proficiency and/or a basic education to be able to succeed in post-secondary education, job education training and/or the workforce.

The purpose of Adult Education's English-As-a-Second-Language (ESL) program is to equip English Language Learners (ELLs) with the language skills necessary to function comparably to their native-English peers in real-life work, community, academic and social situations. This education will be provided in such a way that values each student’s home language and ensures that each student maintains a sense of pride in his/her native culture. It is our aim to involve all educators, family members and our community in the education of our ELLs, as we recognize helping them find the paths to success is all of our responsibility. The ESL program will serve as a support system for the ELL until he/she is able to achieve independent academic success.

Enrollment Process 

  • Contact the Adult Education at (616) 234-3172 to be placed in the waiting list
  • Must attend to an orientation
  • Must take CASAS pre-tests and pay $5.00 non-refundable, testing fee.
  • If student is eligible to enroll for ESL Classes, must pay $25, non-refundable for class registration fee per semester

Participant requirements for ESL Program

  • Must be 20 years of age.
  • Must attend an orientation.
  • Must score 200 – 235 on the CASAS Pre-test to be eligible in our program per state requirements.
  • Must have a valid government issued ID or Passport (Foreign ID are acceptable)

Next ESL orientation

Due to high demand, the ESL program has a waiting time of four-to-five semesters. Please call or stop by one of our locations to put your contact information in the waiting list. GRCC Adult Education will only call students in the waiting list for orientations.

Please call (616) 234-3172 or email Elino at elinocortesfiguereo@grcc.edu for more information. 

Could also fill out Interest Form and someone will contact you to offer more information

    ESL Classes begin

    • Fall Enrollment: August 2018.
    • Winter Enrollment: February 2019.

    Adult Education Achievement Celebration 2019 - TBD