Board Planning & Agenda

Policy Type: Governance Process
Policy Title: Board Planning & Agenda

The Board will carry out its responsibilities using a governance style consistent with Board policies by 1) re-exploring Ends policies annually, 2) holding an annual planning session, 3) following an agenda at its regular monthly meetings which implements the Board policy on governing process, and 4) continually improves its performance through Board education and deliberation.

  1. The agenda for all Board meetings will be prepared in consultation with the Chairperson after consultation with the President and based on input from other Board members. The agenda will be made available to the board at least three days before the meeting.
  2. Education, input and deliberation will be paramount in structuring meetings and other Board activities.
  3. The Annual planning session will be held no later than August.
    1. The College mission will be reviewed at the annual planning session.
    2. Subjects for Board discussion and action during the following year will be developed at the annual planning session.
  4. Budget parameters,  ENDS Policies, and Board Governance Process will be reviewed and discussed at the annual planning session.
  5. The College budget will be approved by the Board each June. Revised budgets will be submitted to the Board for approval as necessary during the fiscal year but no more often as quarterly.
  6. Board policies and policy revisions will not be adopted until they have been considered at a minimum of two meetings, unless Board action waives this requirement and immediate effect is authorized.