Chairperson's Role

Policy Type: Governance Process
Policy Title: Chairperson's Role

The responsibilities of the Chairperson are, primarily the integrity of the Board’s process and, secondarily, occasional representation of the Board to outside parties, including the media. The Chairperson is the only Board member authorized to speak for the Board (beyond simply reporting Board decisions), other than in rare and specifically authorized instances.

1. The Chairperson shall ensure the Board and individual Board members act consistent with the Board’s own rules and policies and those legitimately imposed upon the Board from outside the College.

A. The Chairperson shall preside at Board meetings in an efficient and effective manner and shall set the general tone for each meeting.

B. Discussion at the Board meetings will be on those issues that, according to Board policy, belong to the Board to decide, not the President.

C. Deliberation will be fair, open, and thorough, but also efficient, timely, orderly, and to the point.

2. The authority of the Chairperson consists of making decisions that fall within the topics covered by Board policies on governance process and Board-staff relationships, except where the Board specifically delegates portions of this authority to others. The Chairperson is authorized to use any reasonable interpretation of the provisions of these policies.

A. The Chairperson has no authority to make decisions without the consent of the Board about Ends and Executive Limitations policies.

B. The Chairperson has no authority to supervise or direct the President.

C. The Chairperson shall ensure the other Board members are informed of current and pending Board issues and processes.

D. The Chairperson shall appoint members of committees established by the Board.

E. The Chairperson is responsible for Board discipline as it relates to Board policy.