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Online Store


The Online Store is now available 24 hours a day! Purchases are made directly from the site you see after clicking this link by Visa or Master Card only.  If you see something you'd like to purchase, please do so as soon as possible. Just because it is in your cart, it is not secured until it is purchased.


Phone: (616) 234-4198

Merchandise Pickup

Merchandise purchased can be picked up as detailed below at Sneden Hall - Loading Dock 435 E. Fulton. Please bring your confirmation email for faster processing.

Merchandise can be picked up from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Fridays following the sale - e.g. 2/14/20,  2/28/20, 3/13/20, etc.

If you're unable to claim your merchandise during the open pick up time, you may request to be scheduled for an appointment: email All orders that remain unclaimed 14 days after sale will be canceled and the merchandise will be returned to inventory.

Please bring your receipt, which will have your name and order number, to claim your merchandise. You may not claim your merchandise without proof of purchase. All Sales Are Final.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Kaitlin Cesternino at (616) 234-4198.

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Donation Requests

Grand Rapids Community College occasionally has obsolete and/or surplus goods (primarily technology and furniture items) available for donation to non-profit and public agencies. Requests are handled on a first come-first served basis. Please contact the Purchasing Department at (616) 234-3850 or for donation requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I bid on the items I want to purchase like an auction?

No. This is a sale.

How do I Register or Pre-Register for the sale?

For security reasons Registration occurs the first time you purchase an item or you can complete your registration while the store is open without making a purchase.  After completing registration the same email and password can then be used for future sales.

Alternatively you may check out as a guest, you are still required to fill out your information each time using guest check out.

Why was my Card charged twice?

It wasn't. There is a temporary placeholder for the amount of the purchase during the transaction process. If you see duplicate charges after 3-6 business days please contact the store.

What kind of condition are the computers in?

Working Condition. Our Laptops and Desktops come from working environments. They are power tested, formatted and receive a new operating system (predominantly Windows units). All are sold As Is.

Parts. Working condition unknown. Any item listed as parts come from an non working environment. They are sold As Is if we are unable to test or there are known issues the items are marked and sold as parts or recycled.

Can you provide the specs on the hardware for sale?

The GRCC Online Store will provide the model number (if available) of the electronics we are selling, but we are unable to give the specifications for each individual item. We recommend that you Google the model number to find the manufacturer's specifications. Note: GRCC I.T. can and often does swap out hardware components during the life of the system. We sell all of our items As Is.

Is there a full list of items for sale that we can view?

Due to inventory fluctuation the GRCC Online Store releases a full list with the actual quantities the day before the sale. This list will be published the day before the sale. We reserve the right to add, remove or change inventory without notice.

Do the laptops and desktops come with Windows Operating System?

Yes. Most units will have Windows. Some older units have alternate operating systems.

Note: Apple products will specify if OSX is included or not.

When can I pick up the merchandise I purchased from the sale?

Open pick up, Sneden Hall. The next day after the sale (Friday) 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. [Hint] There is always a long line at 9:00 am.

If you are unavailable to pick up your merchandise the day after the sale please email Instructions on how to make arrangements by appointment will be sent.

My power adapter doesn’t work can I exchange it for another one?

No. We do not exchange or replace adapters or any other peripherals. Although we go to great lengths to test equipment, we do not have the time or resources to check every power adapter.

Hint: Check eBay or Amazon both sell new power adapters cheap!