Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

An AED is a device about the size of a laptop computer that analyzes the heart's rhythm for any abnormalities and, if necessary, directs the rescuer to deliver an electrical shock to the victim. This shock, called defibrillation, may help the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm of its own. (Courtesy American Red Cross)

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

An AED is a medical device that analyzes the heart’s rhythm. If necessary, it delivers an electrical shock, known as a defibrillation, which helps the heart re-establish an effective rhythm. (Courtesy of American Red Cross)

All AEDs on campus are in boxes that are hanging on the wall. The boxes are NOT locked and most are located in areas that are accessible to students and staff. Some AEDs are in offices that are only open during certain hours but police personnel have access to them at any time.


Building Address Location

Administration Building

415 E. Fulton St.

2nd floor East wall

Applied Technology Center (ATC)

151 Fountain St. NE

Outside Room 215 (computer lab)

Applied Technology Center (ATC) 151 Fountain St. NE

Outside of Room 122

Calkins Science Center

226 Bostwick Ave. NE

1st floor, south hallway

Calkins Science Center 226 Bostwick Ave. NE

Room 320 (faculty lounge)

Campus Police

25 Lyon St. NE


College Park Plaza

180 N. Division Ave. NE

3rd floor lobby, near elevator

Cook Hall

143 Bostwick Ave. NE

Inside room 301 Lab

Cook Hall 143 Bostwick Ave. NE

Outside room 401

Ford Fieldhouse

111 Lyon St. NE

End of hallway along gym

Ford Fieldhouse 111 Lyon St. NE

Room 209 (training room, travels with trainer)

Ford Fieldhouse 111 Lyon St. NE


Ford Fieldhouse 111 Lyon St. NE

Free-weight hallway

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

140 Ransom Ave. NE

Main Lobby

Main Building

143 Bostwick Ave. NE

G2 Hallway, outside Winchester Alley

Main Building 143 Bostwick Ave. NE

1st floor outside of Enrollment Center

Main Building 143 Bostwick Ave. NE

3rd floor, east wall of hallway

Music Building

142 Ransom St., NE

1st floor, near women's restroom

Sneden Hall

435 E. Fulton St., NE

Sneden Café- 1st Floor

Spectrum Theater

160 Fountain St. NE

Outside room LL9, lower level

Spectrum Theater 160 Fountain St. NE

Outside Box Office

Student Center

122 Lyon St., NE

2nd Floor, outside of Raider Grill

Tassell M-Tec

622 Godfrey Ave., SW

Near restrooms