Other Development Opportunities

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In addition to the learning opportunities and resources created and maintained by the Center for Teaching Excellence, there are several other opportunities for professional development at GRCC. More information on each of these is available by clicking on the links to the right. These opportunities include:

  • Faculty Externships: The Faculty/Staff Externship program is a professional development opportunity designed to support faculty and staff connections to regional business and social sector theory and practice.  It is the goal of an externship to obtain a first-hand view of the occupational options, labor market needs, skill requirements and standards that regional employers embrace through direct work experiences. The intent is to validate or improve practices at GRCC. More information can be found by clicking the link on the right.  
  • Grants:  GRCC faculty are eligible to apply for a variety of internal and external grants.  Information on these opportunities is available through the Grants and Resource Development Office.  These include ...
    • Instructional Improvement and Professional Development (IIPD) grants.  IIPD grants provide funding for faculty engaging in external professional development and research activities.  More information on the application process, guidelines, deadlines, etcetera, as well as reports on past faculty work can be found using the links on the right.
    • External grants. The Grants and Development Department also provides information on a variety of external grants for which GRCC faculty are eligible.
  • Sabbatical: All full-time faculty members with at least 6 years of service are eligible to apply.  

For more information on these opportunities follow the links to the right or above. Those pages will provide any necessary contact information for the sponsoring department or group.