Athletics Program Logo

GRCC Raiders Logo

The GRCC Raiders logo is a logotype design created for Grand Rapids Community College’s Athletics program. It is can be used in promoting the program, and on official team uniforms, practice wear, apparel and gear for the college’s athletics programs.

Two GRCC Raiders logo: one in blue. Another logo in yellow with a blue outline

A secondary logo, with the team name underneath, has been created for similar uses for official college sports teams.

Only approved unaltered GRCC Raiders logos provided by the GRCC Communications Department may be used — do not recreate the logotype design. Do not combine with any other marks, graphic elements, or words.

GRCC Raiders logo with Athletics written underneath. GRCC Raiders logo with Softball written underneath.

GRCC Raider Logo on Uniform, Practice Wear and Apparel

The logotype GRCC and Raiders should not be separated unless the separation is for corresponding pieces of an official team uniform which will always be worn together.


The official colors of GRCC Raiders are PMS 294 blue and PMS 116 yellow. When the logo is placed over darker colors the logo has alternative versions in white/negative.


The minimum size in which the logo should be used is one inch wide for legibility.

Specialty Applications

Specialty applications of the logo (mugs, bumper stickers, T-shirts, decals, etc.) must be approved in advance by the GRCC Athletics Director or the Communications Department. Specialty application artwork must be created by a graphic designer in the Communications Department unless approval is given by the Director of Communications.