Bio Guide

All bios should be revised at least once per semester to update office hours and locations as necessary.

If you work for more than one department, you will need to create a bio for each department. When you move departments, you will have to remove your bio from that department.

Creating/Editing Your Bio

*If you do not have a bio, select Add content > Bio and follow steps 6 – 16.

1. Log in to Drupal at

2. If you already have a bio, navigate to your department website, select Faculty & Staff.

3. Click on your bio.

4. Select Edit.

5. Fill in the fields for First and Last Name and *Academic Title, if desired.
*Academic Title refers to your degree standing: i.e. PhD., MSW, MD

6. Fill in the information for office Email, Phone and Office Location with room number.

7. Office Hours: Enter days and hours as formatted below. You can select “Add another item” if hours vary by day.

Office Hours

Monday – Wednesday: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Thursday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

8. Body: Fill in this portion if you would like to include information relevant to your career and general interests. Specific uses of the toolbar are discussed in the section “Using the WYSIWYG toolbar.”

9. Photo: Upload a photo of yourself and include your first and last name in the Alternate Text field. Alternate text is required for all images by federal ADA guidelines and GRCC’s web content policy.

10. Videos: Refer to the “Video” section for more details.

11. The Sidebar Image and Pull Quote Title should remain unpopulated for bios; they are reserved for department webpages. Information on these fields is available in the “Sidebar Image” and “Pull Quote” sections of this user manual.

12. Any links to professional Facebook, Twitter, or RSS Blogs are welcome.

13. Documents and Links should remain unpopulated for bios; they are reserved for department webpages. Refer to the Documents and Links sections of this user manual for more information.

14. Fill in Job Title, Department and Department Position fields at the bottom of the screen. Populating these fields is necessary to link you to your department webpage as well as the staff directory.

15. Revision Information can only be accessed by IT. It is not necessary to log any revisions, but documenting them in a Word document is recommended if you prefer to do so.

16. Save your bio.