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Health screenings just got easier

We all have a shared responsibility to minimize risk and keep our campus healthy. That's why all students are required to complete a brief health screening before coming to campus. 

We can send the screening to you directly!

You can complete the screening through the Online Center, or we can send the screening to you directly by downloading the Rave Guardian app. By downloading the app, you'll get a notification when you're approaching campus. The notification will contain a link to fill out a brief screening. Rave Guardian takes the hassle out of remembering to log into the Online Center and filling out the health screening before coming to campus.

Get the app

  1. Download the Rave Guardian app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. You'll be prompted to enter your mobile number. If no match is found, use your GRCC email account to register.
  3. Share your location so we can notify you to fill out the screening when you're on or close to campus.
    • Please note that if you don't allow your location to be shared, we won't be able to send the notification.
  4. Set your notification radius by going to Settings.
    • This tells us when you'd like to receive the screenings. We can alert you when you're 10 miles away from campus, or when you're just arriving on campus (0 miles away). You can adjust this so that you don't receive unnecessary notifications if you're near campus, but don't plan to come onto campus.