Department Expectations

During the months of December 2015 through March 2017

1. Each department must create a team consisting of the department chair, three faculty members and a representative from a nonprofit or public-sector community partner with which members of the department have already worked or would like to work more strategically.

2. Participating teams must:

  • Attend both days of the Engaged Department Institute* and develop a plan for institutionalizing the department’s engagement
  • Implement the plans developed during the Institute during the following 18 months
  • Send at least two team members to attend four community of practice meetings
  • Work with the research team to gather data and assess the results.

3. Activities that departments and teams may consider, but are not limited to, include the following:

  • Develop plans for new community-based learning courses
  • Redesign existing community-based learning courses for greater impact
  • Scaffold community-based learning in the departmental curriculum to meet both learning goals and the developmental needs of students
  • Enhance assessment of student learning
  • Strategically develop and/or deepen key community partnerships and increase community impact
  • Plan and implement cultural changes that will support community-based teaching and/or research at the department level
  • Offer development opportunities that enhance faculty capacity for high-quality community-based teaching and/or research