Honors Project Faculty Submission Form

Through the submission of this form, fulltime faculty will demonstrate how the learning activities will meet the Honors Objectives as well as identify which courses they would like to offer the Honors Project in.  Faculty are strongly encouraged to contact the Honors Program Faculty Coordinator prior to submitting this form.

Once submitted, the Honors Project will be reviewed and made available to Honors students who will register for the Honors Project as part of the course registration process.

Honors Objectives

  1. exposure to effective and influential leaders
  2. opportunities to learn and apply leadership skills
  3. structured learning experiences that engage students in community service
  4. opportunities for students to think critically about diverse cultural contexts
  5. exposure to scholars/professionals engaged in research and/or creative scholarship
  6. structured learning experiences that prepare students for research and/or creative scholarship
  7. opportunities to apply learning towards the development of a research study or creative project

Upon successful completion of the Honors Project, faculty will grade the Honors Project as part of their grading processes within the Grade Center (via the requirement designation tab). 

Honors Project Best Practices

  • Evaluate your experience.
  • Have your students take and share photo's capturing their work.
  • Share your best practices with the Honors Program Faculty Coordinator.
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Honors Objectives
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