Service Learning Resources for Students

Students smiling and holding GRCC T-shirts

At GRCC, service learning has been and continues to be one of the most rewarding experience students will have in their lives.  Impacting more than 1,000 students each year, service learning is spread across all disciplines and provides needed services to our community.

What is Service Learning?

It's kind of like a volunteer project, except specifically connected to what you are learning in your class.

  • Click here for an example.
  • In most cases, service learning is optional.
  • Service learning hours can range from 5-20 hours depending on the project.
  • Reflection is the key element in service learning; this is typically done through journaling which helps students develop a deeper understanding of course content, awareness of community needs and builds confidence to take informed action.

Service Learning Registration

All students participating in service learning are required to register.  This ensures that the designation will be placed onto the official transcript.

Advice From Your Fellow Students

  • You will never regret doing service learning. 
    Many students go beyond their required service hours (typically 20 hours) and some students receive job and/or internship offers from their experience. Check out these tips when serving at your site.
  • Your professor has a passion for teaching and has found service learning to be a great way for you to achieve course learning outcomes. 
    Your syllabus will explain to you all of the logistics and expectations of the service experience. If not, ask questions.
  • Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. 
    Part of this experience is about exposing you to different cultures and geographical areas in your community.  You might be asked to find your own service learning placement. No worries, just go to Volunteer Solutions and you will see thousands of volunteer opportunities.
  • Be respectful. 
    You represent GRCC and the Code of Conduct still applies when you are serving the community.