Implementation & Expectations

Congratulations on the approval of your Study Away Proposal. This page will assist faculty leaders in months leading up to the final departure.

Required Faculty Verification

There are a few institutional requirements to verify your standing at the College. We ask that this be completed no later than October 1st.

  • faculty leaders and co-leaders must complete the Criminal Background Check
  • faculty leaders and co-leaders must complete the Leave of Absence
  • the Department of Experiential Learning will also verify with Human Resources that all faculty leaders do not have an active Professional Improvement Plan.


The Experiential Learning staff will work with each faculty leader and printing services to create marketing materials for distribution during classes and campus events. 

  • example of promotional flyer
  • staff will also promote each experience on social media
  • much of the marketing is done during the early portion of the Fall semester
  • meeting print deadlines is contingent upon our ability to be responsive to emails and phone calls from faculty leaders

Student Application/Approval

Experiential Learning staff manages the application process using the Student Intake Form through OrgSync. 

  • the Student Intake Form is made available early Fall semester
  • preference is given to degree seeking students, first time study away participants.
  • faculty, staff, guest students and past study away participants may apply should there be available slots upon the application deadline
  • GRCC staff verify that each student meets our eligibility standards
  • faculty leader(s) have the official approval of each student
  • we strongly encourage faculty leader(s) to consider additional measures of screening students as part of the application process which may include an interview or request of references
  • faculty will be notified when a student has been accepted and set up in the payment system
  • we recommend faculty to prepare for a group size of 12-16 students.  HU 219 has a cap of (16).  

  • if the group size exceeds the enrollment limit, the faculty leader must submit a rationale to the Dean of Instructional Support for approval.

Student Payments

Experiential Learning staff will work with the faculty leader(s) to verify the payment schedule to ensure funds are collected to meet third party provider deadlines. 

  • travel accounts will be established through financial services
  • travel courses will be established through the Cashier's Office (this allows the College to bill the students)
  • specific study away credit courses are established through the appropriate Dean's Office
  • payments are typically collected during the months of October-February and are in alignment with the provider contract payment deadlines.
  • staff will communicate to students of their remaining balance as well as keeping faculty leader(s) informed.
  • we strongly encourage faculty to be aware of and support students making timely payments.
  • students must withdraw from the Study Away experience - IN WRITING- as soon as possible.
  • students are responsible for any unrecoverable fees incurred on their behalf which may include, but not limited to, expenses associated with airfare and lodging reservations.

Student Orientations

Student orientations are required prior to departure.

  • there are required topics to be discussed
  • faculty should specifically address expectation around alcohol and safety 
  • example of an orientation agenda 
  • expectations around behavior and Code of Conduct must be discussed
  • we strongly encourage faculty leader(s) to schedule the Chief of Police, the Director of Student Life and Conduct and a representative from Counseling to participate in your orientations. 
  • we strongly encourage faculty to discuss common issues around group dynamics and perhaps consider coordinating a small group outing prior to departure

Third Party Provider Contracts

All contracts are required to be reviewed and approved by our General Counsel and Executive Director of Financial Services.

  • all contracts must follow the guidelines
  • review & approval process 
  • this may take 5-10 business days and may require the faculty leader to work with the provider to make changes to the contract
  • final contract approval is made by the Dean of Instructional Support

Third Party Provider Invoice and Payments

Once the contracts have been approved, Experiential Learning staff will work with the faculty leader and specifically with the provider to process invoices through our Financial Services department.

  • this process involves approval from the Board of Trustees as well a purchase requisition
  • this process may take 10-14 business days
  • the College only cuts checks on certain days of the week
  • checks will only be cut if the account has the required funds - students must be making their payments
  • faculty may also request a Cash Advance to pay for expenses outside of what is included in the contract 

Extended Stay

Students who are interested in extending their travel beyond the dates of the study away experience must complete the Extended Stay Form.

  • Students must work directly with the third party provider to get their plane tickets changed and pay any additional costs. 
  • Students will need to inform family and friends of their extended stay; secure the necessary health care coverage for my extended stay and complete any remaining assignments/expectations of the affiliated study away course work.


GRCC reserves the right to cancel any program at any time in the event of circumstances beyond our control that may threaten the safety of our students or faculty.

  • Cancellation by GRCC due to unexpected political or economic events will result in a full refund of all tuition, fees, and housing costs paid by participants before the beginning of a Study Away program.
  • Cancellation by GRCC after a Study Away program has begun will result in a refund of all recoverable tuition, fees and housing
  • experiences not meeting the minimum enrollment (12) by February 1st will be canceled
  • enrollment below or above this ratio must submit a rationale to the Dean of Instructional Support 
  • faculty to student ratio is 1:16

Pre-Departure Requirements

  • prior to departure all students must be paid-in-full
  • all participants must have submitted the required health and emergency forms - copies are provided to the faculty leader
  • faculty leaders must submit a copy of the final itinerary
  • Experiential Learning staff will submit to Campus Police the Pre-Departure Campus Police Form

Review, rejoice, revise.

This is every bit as important as anything else that goes into leading a study away experience.

  • when you finish your experience, talk over what went well and didn't go well with a colleague to make changes for next time. 
  • host a student presentation session for the camps to learn about the students experience 
  • take and share your photos 
  • here is a good student video 
  • share your students success stories 
  • share your best practices around reflection, developing partnerships, gaining student buy-in, etc.
  • "like" us on Facebook 


  • faculty must submit all receipts and expense documentation
  • any funds remaining in the account will be fully refunded back to the students
  • any incidents that occurred during the experience must be reported
  • submission of the Study Away Post-Trip Itinerary Changes Form