Proposals are due the 1st of April. Proposals are submitted for experiences that will be facilitated the following academic year.

Curricular Requirements

  1. The course must be part of a program or meet a general education requirement
  2. Must submit a syllabus in the new template
  3. Must have an updated Course Document
  4. Must clearly explain the curricular benefit of teaching the course in the desired destination(s)

***How does the course make use of modes of instruction, assessment, and learning at the study away site that is different than what would be expected when offered in its traditional format?

***How does the course enrich the classroom experience through use of location and/or unique resources?

Study Away Experience Requirements

  1. 12-16 Students per experience; experiences not meeting the minimum enrollment by February 1st will be canceled
  2. Faculty to student ratio is 1:16; enrollment below or above this ratio must submit a rationale to the Dean of Instructional Support
  3. 10-14 Days (Domestic experiences may be shorter)
  4. International experiences only run during the Summer Semester.

Faculty Eligibility

  1. Full-time, tenure track faculty
  2. Has completed the Introduction to Study Away Training
  3. Good standing with the College (not on a "Professional Improvement Plan")
  4. Clear a Criminal Background Check
  5. Must have travel experience within the proposed location.  Preference is given to faculty who have group travel experience.

Working with Third Party Providers

  1. Faculty are strongly encouraged to work through a third party provider — see guidelines.
  2. All provider contracts are vetted through General Counsel and approved by the Dean of Instructional Support
  3. Contracts are due early Fall of the year prior to the trip; this ensures marketing materials are created for Fall semester


  1. Faculty leading or co-leading a study away experience must have attended the "Introduction to Study Away Training."
  2. Complete CSA Clery training
  3. Attend necessary meetings with Study Away stakeholders as part of preparing for the study away travel experience.