Application and Acceptance

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In general, students complete the application process in the Fall semester, make payments during the early Winter semester and travel during the early Summer semester.

Essential Abilities

Students are to have essential abilities (skills, physical functions, communication, emotional coping and behavioral attributes) to be successful on a study away experience. 

  1. If a student has a disability and feels they can achieve the course objectives with reasonable accommodations, the student should contact Disability Support Services at (616) 234-4140 or
  2. Students should meet with an Academic Advisor to determine how a study away experience best fits into your academic goals.  We strongly encourage you to meet with Katie Hughes in the Counseling and Career Center, (616) 234-3900.


1. Students must complete the Study Away Student Intake Form.  This form is submitted electronically.

  • We encourage you to create an account
  • We encourage you to add Study Away as a group 
  • The Intake Form will include Criminal Background Check, Academic Standing Check, Student Code of Conduct Check and Financial Standing with the College
  • A $10.00 non-refundable fee is occurred for processing the Criminal Background Check. This fee is withdrawn from your RaiderCard account.
  • If during our criminal history check we are made aware of federal or state drug convictions, we are obligated to share that information with the GRCC Financial Aid Office to assure we are in compliance with federal student eligibility requirements. A student may be ineligible for financial aid due to a drug conviction.

2. The Department of Experiential Learning will process the Student Intake Form.  Students meeting the below criteria will be moved forward in the process:

  • Be a GRCC student (degree-seeking preferred)
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be in good academic standing (above a 2.0)
  • Have a clear Student Code of Conduct record check
  • Have a clear Criminal Background Check
  • Must have proof of current Health Insurance (more information)
  • Have no outstanding fees owed to the College
  • Have adequate financial means to participate in the experience

3. Complete any additional faculty application requirements. This may include providing reference letters and/or an interview.

  • Preference is given to degree seeking students, first time study away participants
  • Faculty, staff, guest students, and past study away participants may apply should there be available slots upon the application deadline
  • Students will need to maintain their responsiveness to checking their GRCC email as this is the primary method of communication


Students will be notified by the Department of Experiential Learning about final acceptance into the program.

  • You will receive an email regarding your status in your chosen Study Away Experience and what the next steps are.
  • Please see the Post-Acceptance Page for more information. 

Waitlist & Rejection

Some Study Away opportunities fill quickly and remaining eligible students are placed on a waitlist according to their final approval date (both through the Department of Experiential Learning and Faculty Leader).  

  • Students can withdraw from the waitlist by notifying Director of Experiential Learning, Michael Schavey or Tracey Lacy in writing.
  • Students who are not accepted into a program or onto a waitlist will be notified via email from the Department of Experiential Learning.
  • Students will need to maintain their responsiveness to checking their GRCC email as this is the primary method of communication

Funding & Financial Aid

Cost of the trip may be covered by Financial Aid. Please contact the GRCC Financial Aid, (616) 234-4030 or, to help determine your options of paying for this experience.

  1. Financial Aid can be applied to the cost of Study Away. The Financial Aid Office can assist with any Financial Aid questions about Study Away.
  2. Student are also encouraged to seek out other sources of funding, such as scholarships, fundraising, and personal funds.
  3. Here are a few different sites to look for scholarships (this is not a complete list and students are encouraged to search on their own):