Placement Test Accommodations

If you need accommodations due to a disability (such as more time, assistance with writing, an audio version, etc.) you can request these placement test accommodations. The placement tests help determine the right courses for you to begin your studies in math, English and reading. We highly suggest using accommodations if you believe that you need them.

Please Note: The following approved accommodations are only available for the math placement test administered through ALEKS PPL, and the English and reading comprehension placement tests administered through Accuplacer. This form does not mean you have registered with the Disability Support Services. To register call (616) 234-4140 or email An interactive discussion between a student and a Disability Support counselor or advisor is required before a formal accommodation agreement is created.

Any accommodations that you need to take a placement test should be entered below. Requests will be reviewed by a Disability Support counselor at GRCC within five business days. A GRCC representative will contact you about approved accommodations.

Do you know which tests you need to take?
Accommodations Requested (Please mark any that are needed)
Test Location

Please Submit Documentation of your Disability with this Request Form.

You can upload documentation below or:

Fax: (616) 234-3622 (If you choose this option, please be sure to mark "ACCUPLACER" on the 1st page of the fax.)
US Mail to: GRCC Disability Support Services, 143 Bostwick Ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Or drop off in room 368 Student Center, GRCC Campus

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