Using Testing Accommodations

1. Please be sure to  request your Accommodations each semester through Clockwork Student Accommodation Portal.  This will provide your instructor a copy of your Accommodation Agreement directly to them.

2. Login to the Clockwork Student Accommodation Portal to schedule your upcoming test.  

3. Schedule your upcoming tests at least 3 business days before your upcoming test.  Schedule your final exams 7 business days prior to your exam date.

4. You are expected to take your test at the SAME TIME as you would in the classroom.  Taking into account any extended time you may need to start a little bit early or stay over a little bit late however, your instructor expects that you will be testing at the same time.  If you have a scheduling conflict with taking the test at the same time, please contact the testing center at (616) 234-3597.

Do not wait to get help!

We can help you with questions about how to fill out your Test Requests in Clockwork.  Do not wait to get help!  Testing space is limited and it takes time to obtain tests and exams from your professors.

For further questions, please call the DSS Testing Center at (616) 234-3597.