Interpreter/Captionist/Amplification Request Form

Disability Support Services seeks to support students who are deaf or hard of hearing through interpreters, classroom captionists, and amplification equipment that allows students full access to the material in their courses.

  In order to ensure that we are aware of your needs each semester, this Request Form must to be completed and submitted each semester so that accommodations are in place for the upcoming semester.



Guidelines for Requesting the Accommodations:

  •  Finalize your schedule of courses for the upcoming semester in your  Online Center.
  • When your schedule is completed and you do not plan to make any changes, complete the following Request Form.
  • Submit this Request Form at least three weeks before the first day that a semester starts to guarantee your accommodations are in place in time.(Early notification is encouraged as it takes time to hire employees, coordinate schedules, and purchase equipment.
  • If you change your schedule after submitting this form, you will need to submit a new form once your new schedule has been set or we will not know of the change.
  • If you submit this form with less than three weeks notice, please understand we will do all that we can to have the accommodation in place but we can't guarantee that we will have enough time for the coordination, hiring and purchasing needed.