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Student tell their stories

The GRCC community is inspiring and your donations make all the difference. Students are eager to share their of how scholarships have impacted their life.

Brief Stories, Big Impacts 

Nguyen Ma

Wynn Ma

Current student, plastics engineering technology
Plastics Scholarship

“To me as an immigrant, GRCC is a great college that offers me a chance to follow a degree in a new country. At GRCC, I know that there will be somebody who is always ready to help me whenever I need it and assist me in overcoming any obstacles.”



Hailey Veeneman

Hailey Veeneman

Current student, accounting
GRCC Foundation Scholarship

“I lost my partner on Christmas of 2020 at 29 years old, and it is, by far, the biggest    obstacle I have ever imagined myself going through. He was my main supporter and the person who convinced me that I could go back to school and achieve what I wanted. I took some time off and wasn’t sure if I would return, but I cannot change what happened, and not following through on the progress he helped me achieve would be a disservice to both of us.”


Vance Hayes

Vance Hayes

Current student, business administration and supply chain GRCC Foundation Scholarship

“The financial burden of schooling has halted so many people from going after their dreams in life. This scholarship has enabled me to cover the cost of books and other supplies that, with a family of seven, have been an immense burden lifted off of my shoulders.”



Fabrice Kanyamtura

Fabrice Kanyamtura

Current student, political science
GRCC Foundation Scholarship

“I was born in northern Rwanda as a Congolese refugee. Being born and growing up in a refugee camp has shaped the person that I am today. When I received the scholarship, I felt supported and motivated, knowing that someone I have never met has invested in my academic journey.”


Erica Vazquez

Erica Vazquez

Current student, diagnostic medical sonography
Women in Science Scholarship

“Being a mother and wife at a young age definitely pushed back my educational goals, but I believe that everything you endure shapes you into the person you ought to be. My children and husband have motivated me every single day to give my best and reach my goals. A scholarship for me means that I am an overachiever; I am successful, and that I am capable.”