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The Center for Teaching Excellence plans, hosts and coordinates a variety of special events. These events are designed to provide opportunities for growth, connection and recognition. In addition to smaller, on-going workshops and learning opportunities that are on-going through the year, the CTE coordinates larger annual events that allow faculty and staff to learn, grow, and celebrate. They include: 

  • January - Learning Day: Learning Day brings together all faculty at GRCC for an energetic start to the Winter Semester with a full day of collective learning. 

  • April - Faculty Showcase: The Faculty Showcase celebrates high impact teaching practices of Innovation Grant Recipients. It provides an opportunity for the campus to see how they are using their grant funding and allows faculty to learn from their peers.
  • August - Great Teachers: The Great Teachers Seminar is a retreat experience in which faculty members at all career stages come together and spend three days learning from one another, reflecting on their practice, and connecting in an authentic community.
  • August - Summer Teaching and Learning Institute: The Summer Teaching and Learning Institute consists of a series of workshops held in the summer, covering a variety of pedagogy and educational technology topics designed to launch faculty into fall semester.
  • August - Excellence in Teaching Awards: These Annual Awards recognize faculty and staff who have made significant contributions to the College, higher education and the community.