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Training Descriptions and PowerPoint Slides

Overview of the GRCC Faculty Evaluation System

This session provides an overview of the GRCC Faculty Evaluation System. It provides an overview of the different components of the system, explains the required documentation, and provides an opportunity for faculty to ask questions.

Observation Training

Observations are an important component of the evaluation system but how do you perform effective observations that result in constructive feedback? This session explains the behaviors that characterize effective instruction and assists faculty in using those behaviors as benchmarks for effective and appropriate peer evaluation. It also covers the documentation associated with observations in the Faculty Evaluation System. The session covers information on observation of both face to face and online courses. NOTE: Completion of this session is required before faculty will be permitted to complete observations of peers.

Portfolio Training

The portfolio is the primary documentary evidence used for tenure review and promotions in rank. It is used by all tenure and promotion review committees as foundation of their deliberations. This workshop will introduce participants to the portfolio at GRCC and the processes surrounding it. NOTE: completion of this session is required for any faculty member who wishes to serve on a rank or tenure committee.