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The Community of Practice (CoP) ImpACT Grant builds on the strong foundation established during the Summer 2020 Read to Act (RTA) Collective.  During the RTA program, over 40 faculty and staff members met virtually during the course of four weeks to discuss the text, Diversity Regimes: Why Talk is Not Enough to Fix Racial Inequality at Universities, by James M. Thomas.  This program continued in August 2022 with an RTA discussion of Sharon S. Lee’s An Unseen Unheard Minority: Asian American Students at the University of Illinois.  Among many of the takeaways from RTA was the need to continue to ACT.

The effort to shift campus climate rests heavily with academia. Faculty can influence and impact equity and inclusion practices at GRCC. The CoP ImpACT Grant aligns with RTA’s guiding premise, “…when you know better, [you] do better” (Maya Angelou).  The goal of the grant is to align with campus-wide efforts to shift the culture in our classrooms, departments, and work environments in order to do better.

Grant Ethos & Guidelines

The CoP ImpACT Grant is grounded in the AAC&U’s Making Excellence Inclusive principles.  CoP ImpACT Grant applications will require that faculty identify the principle(s) to which their project aligns, propose an action research project idea, and outline potential project outcomes.  Project ideas can include initiatives put forward by the GRCC Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI). The ideas include, but are not limited to: teaching for remote learning, using data-driven best practices in cultural competence, supporting students with disparate enrollment and academic completion rates, fostering a paradigm shift in pedagogical praxis, cultivating empathy and respect among GRCC stakeholders, forging partnerships with West Michigan groups and organizations committed to diversity, and promoting meaningful changes that are relevant and responsive to the needs of the community GRCC serves.

Programming Model

The CoP ImpACT Grant program will follow this Communities of Practice (CoP) model.  All full-time and adjunct faculty will be invited to apply for funding to support a group action research project.  The project will result in deliverables that align with the above mentioned guidelines. The overarching goals are to fulfill the project purpose and institutionalize initiative at GRCC. All are encouraged to review Miami University’s Faculty Learning Communities website and Harper College’s CoP website as best practice resources.

Grant Information

  • Submit an application using this form.
  • Funding Ideas for proposals:
    • CoP Support Resources (Books/Training Materials, Supplies, Consultant, Travel): Amount TBD (May vary based on project, funds can support $7,000)
    • CoP/Action Research Training: $3,000 
    • Total: $10,000 
  • CoP ImpACT Grant Facilitation 
    • This initiative is a collaborative effort between ODEI; Instructional Support & Institutional Planning; Teaching, Learning, and Distance Education; and Provost’s Office.  The CTE Advisory Team will review applications and support the initiative similar to the Team’s role in supporting other faculty projects and awards. The CTE staff will assist with the following:
      • The areas in collaboration with the initiative will help outline a communication plan to announce the ImpACT grants, encourage faculty members to apply, and compile applications for the CTE Advisory Team to review and recommend to the College Provost.
      • Facilitation may also include coordinating training for CoP ImpACT Grant awardees, supporting the CoP as needed, creating and maintaining a CoP web presence, and hosting a symposium at the conclusion of the CoP ImpACT project.  The purpose of the symposium will be for the awardees to present their project to the College community and outline plans for institutional implementation of their project outcomes.
  • CoP ImpACT Grant Institutionalization
    • CoP ImpACT Grant projects are intended to lead to the institutionalization of project deliverables and/or outcomes.
    • Faculty members engaged in an ImpACT grant project will be expected to illustrate how their project can be embedded into the College and will be invited to CTE Advisory Team meetings to share status updates and seek guidance for completing the project.
  • Deadline to Apply: This is a rolling deadline.  Funding opportunities will be evaluated according to the fiscal year cycle.