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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a set of principles for curriculum development that is intended to minimize or eliminate barriers to learning with a focus on increasing access to course information and providing all individuals equal opportunities to learn.

Campus Resources Related to UDL

  • Disability Support Services – GRCC's Disability Support Services provides academic support to qualified students with documented disabilities. The DSS office provides several services to students such as alternative text, sign language services, note taking and more.

Valuable Web Resources on UDL

The National Center on Universal Design for Learning

  • A set of guidelines to assist in the development of instruction that is accessible to all learners.
  • A repository of examples and resources illustrating the checkpoints for each guideline.

The ACCESS Project at Colorado State University

The DO-IT Center at the University of Washington

  • A Checklist for Inclusive Teaching. This resources takes both the principles of Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning (which applies specifically to curriculum) and applies them to all aspects of instruction.

ACCESS-ed - Promoting Universal Design in Higher Education

  • Distance Learning and Online Courses. A series of resources that focus on distance learning and online courses. There is an online course AUDIT as well as information about closed captioning, creating an accessible syllabus and more!

University of Washington – Universal Design of Instruction

  • Principles, guidelines and examples for working with students with disabilities.

WebAIM – Web Accessibility in Mind

  • A wealth of articles and resources for designing web accessible content.

CAST – Universal Design for Learning

  • Why is UDL necessary? There are two online modules (Introduction to UDL and Applying UDL to Lesson Development) available to learn more about UDL principles.
  • Examples, guidelines, resources and checkpoints of universal design and more.

Universal Design Education

  • A collaborative effort of North Carolina State University, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, and the Global Universal Design Educator's Network on the principles of UDL.

CUNY Academic Commons

  • A website on Universal Design and Access from the City University of New York.