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Program Advertising

Promote your program to a targeted group of prospective students using creative solutions that leverage our in-house expertise and resources, so you are not held back by your budget. Connect with us today, and we will develop a strategy to help you meet your goals.

Email campaign

Your first step is to begin working with Eric Mullen, associate dean of enrollment management and financial aid, to develop an email campaign for prospective students. Once you have an email campaign identified, Eric will connect you with us to refine your email messages.


You will find that when you connect with us for recruitment-related support we will also review and recommend edits to your webpage to ensure that it serves as a recruitment tool while still providing current students with the resources they need.

This is because prospective students are directed to your webpage as a result of each of your recruitment pieces, advertising campaigns, and promotional efforts. It is our intent that their transition between a conversation with you, to finding what they need online (or taking the next step in their journey to becoming a GRCC student) be as seamless as possible. 

Recruitment material

The college's department recruitment material templates reflect the branded recruitment material students see in advertisements, at open houses, on campus tours, and at orientation. They are each designed to express the unique value of the program, with a clear call to action, while providing different levels of information to reflect the step any particular prospective student is at in their college and degree choice journey.


Viewbook page spread

The college viewbook is now a customizable tool for admissions recruiters and academic department representatives to introduce prospective students to the GRCC experience. Using student testimonials, it highlights the opportunities and support services that will help incoming students earn a credential, begin a career or transfer to the college or university of their choice.

The viewbook comes standard with a list of transfer and career pathways, an application checklist, tuition rates, and scholarship, and financial aid information. Once admissions learns of a prospective student's interest in one or several programs, department-specific information (via an insert) can be included before the package is sent out.

Viewbook insert
A viewbook insert is an easy to skim two sided 3.875" x 10.5" vertical card which provides a brief, yet broad overview of a department's degrees and certificates -- and what types of careers they lead to. Departments might use this insert when they speak to prospective students who are interested in several fields, and /or colleges, and are just beginning to learn more about them.

Department booklet
Departments might provide a booklet to prospective students who have a clear field in mind, but are choosing between degrees or certificates in that particular field, and/or colleges or universities, to pursue a career. The booklet is almost square at 6.75" x 8.5", and can be created with pages to flip through, or as a three-page foldout. It contains many vivid photos and provides a detailed description of the opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Degree or certificate handout
Departments might provide a degree or certificate handout when speaking with a specific group or individual about one program in particular based on prior knowledge of that group's specific interest or qualifications. The handout features a large engaging photo and can be one sided, or double sided with a horizontal fold. It provides a summary of one specific degree or certificate and course listings.

Email us begin creating your recruitment material.

Community engagement, advertising, and public relations

We can support your promotional efforts, by considering both your goals and your audiences needs and behaviors. We will help you develop strategies around the face-to-face opportunities your program currently has to connect with prospective students and their parents. 

The sky is the limit now that digital and social media advertising have joined traditional outlets. Our blogs and social media channels offer a way for you to reach students, employees, and community members currently affiliated with GRCC. If resources are available for advertising we can also target your unique audience through social media, digital advertising, and traditional media.

We look forward to discussing with you how careful and strategic spending across multiple media can support your campaign from intentional messages to targeted audiences with a clear "call-to-action," to casting a wider net with traditional outlets such as mailers, radio or television.

Email us or fill out our promotions request form to build a public relations plan to complement your program.



Community Science Day examples

We created a public relations campaign to garner community involvement in Community Science Day, a free event involving interactive science and health-related activities for all ages. It was sponsored by the Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Exercise Science, Radiologic Technology, and Occupational Therapy Assistant programs. We collaborated to create an event guide, an event web page, a graphic for student and employee news blogs and social media posts, a press release, and an email outreach plan to local school groups.


Digital Advertizing Examples

We assisted the Workforce Development program with an advertising campaign which included digital ads across several platforms (smartphones, tablets and desktop), a postcard, and radio spots. Working in tandem were our public relations efforts, which included a media alert, an event web page, and a graphic for student and employee news blogs and social media posts.