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Promotions Request Form

This form is the first step to starting a promotion campaign including press releases, blogs, and paid and un-paid social media. Your campaign could also include print work like recruitment material, handouts, and posters, which will require you to fill out a ticket through  GRCCePrint.

What do you need to accomplish? Is there an audience you need to reach or a specific message you need to get out?
The department(s) the project is for.
Designer/Communications Staff Currently Working on Project.
When do you need this done by? Please be as detailed as possible. 
Please provide the primary contact person for this project, as well as the name of someone who can be contacted if the primary person is unavailable.
What is your budget for this project? Are any other resources needed (such as staff time, space, etc.)?
Who are you trying to reach? (Who are your primary and secondary audiences and what tools do you have to reach them?)
Do you need photographs taken at an event, and do you have funds available to cover the cost? If so, indicate the date(s) and time(s) in the 'Other Information' field.
What do you want the reader/viewer to do or know as a result of this communication? What information must they have to achieve this? (Tell us what you want to say so we can tell your audience what they need to hear.)
Are there other details about this project we should be aware of (such as has it been done before, are there people who need to be kept apprised of developments, etc.)?
Do you need to meet with a communications staff member?