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Aimee Pawlowski

Hi! I am happy to be here at GRCC for my third year. I am a two time graduate from Central Michigan University, where I graduated magna cum laude with a BA in English with a minor in Marketing and a MA in English Language and Literature. During my graduate studies I worked as a GA, teaching ENG 101 at CMU. Now I teach EN 097, EN 101, EN 102 and EN 249.

I am married with two daughters, ages 11 and 6, and my hobbies include swimming, tennis, skiing, and, of course, reading. Although I read a variety of genres, my fall back book is always a Jane Austen novel.

No matter what class I teach, my main goal is always the same: to help students fulfill their potential. I believe that success is characterized by improvement and all students have the potential to succeed. As a teacher, there is no greater joy than watching a student gain confidence in him/herself as he/she learns to express him/herself through writing and gains a voice.