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Congratulations—you found my secret bio! Welcome to the fast-food version of who I am and what I do (both works in progress). I like to think of my professorial mission as twofold. The first is to show students how writing applies to their everyday lives.  Writing is not something that happens solely within the academic world.  It is an outlet for social change, public discourse, self-discovery, and so much more.  My second objective is to invite students to find their own personal connections to writing.  In my classes, I provide students with opportunities to write for authentic audiences in ways that are meaningful, useful, and exciting for each student.

I can think of no better place to spend my time than GRCC. Not only have I taught here since 2009 but I also started my educational journey here in these halls. Like those of you enrolled today, I too once chilled in Winchester Alley, scrambled to find that last parking spot in Parking Ramp A (formerly Bostwick Street Ramp), and skipped the occasional class or two. Yes, professors are humans, too. 

As a human, I love to laugh, nap in full sunlight, cook, eat what I cook, eat what others cook, and dream of a future unknown. 

Courses Taught:

  • EN101: English Composition I

  • EN102: English Composition II

  • EN241: Writing in Digital Spaces

Degrees Earned: 

  • BA Writing: Grand Valley State University

  • MA English: Grand Valley State University

  • PhD Curriculum & Instruction: New Mexico State University

Meg Lockard
Assistant Professor
(616) 234-2311
506 College Park Plaza