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Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation Transition Hub

Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation

After the Winter 2023 semester, GRCC will upgrade Blackboard to Ultra Base Navigation. This new navigational system is a  streamlined, mobile-friendly, modernized interface that will improve the user experience for GRCC faculty and students. This page will serve as an informational hub as we prepare for the transition during the WI23 semester.

Here’s what to know about the upgrade:

  • Your courses won’t change. Ultra Base Navigation is an upgrade to the Blackboard experience outside of the course; course content, navigation, and structure will all be unchanged.
  • No action is required on your part. The upgrade does not require you to change anything in your courses.
  • The experience is an improvement. Ultra Base Navigation streamlines many elements of your Blackboard use, including grading, communicating with students, and navigating between courses.

Using Ultra Base Navigation

Ultra Base Navigation replaces the old My Course List with the new Courses page. The Courses page gives access to all of your courses at once and lets you sort, filter, and favorite the most important ones. When you select a course, it will appear overlaid on the main Blackboard menu, in the same Original view you're used to.

Organizations work the same way as courses in Ultra Base Navigation. All of your organizations are available in the Organizations page, with the same filtering and favoriting capabilities.

New Features in Ultra Base Navigation

The Ultra Base Navigation Menu is visible at all times, enabling intuitive navigation between important Blackboard functions and surfacing the most important information from all of your courses. 

The Institution page is a new hub page with information for students. This page has links to tutoring, Blackboard help, student support, and more.

The Activity Stream is the new landing page in Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation. This stream shows important upcoming due dates, course updates, and recent assignments and discussion posts. Students can navigate directly to their grades and assignments, and instructors can easily check students’ progress in their courses.

Ultra Base Navigation also offers an improved Calendar. The Calendar view compiles all of your course calendars with important GRCC events. The Ultra Base Navigation Calendar can also synchronize with your Google calendar. 

Communication between instructors and students is improved with Ultra Base Navigation’s new Messages feature. Use Messages to communicate directly with students in each of your courses all in one interface.

Your Profile is easily accessible in Ultra Base Navigation. Add your preferred name, pronunciation, pronouns, and change your notification settings all in one place.

Learn More

Join us for informational sessions, demos, and Q&As throughout the WI23 semester:

  • Introducing Ultra Base Navigation:
  • Understanding Ultra Base Navigation:
  • Ultra Base Navigation Q&A:
    • April 19, 10 a.m.
    • May 4, 2 p.m.

Register for these sessions through the TLDE Upcoming Events page. If you have any questions, email