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Online/Hybrid Course Development Process

Are you interested in developing an online or hybrid course? Online course development at GRCC is a matter of following just a few simple steps.​​​

Step 1: Identify the course and developer

  • The course must be current and approved in Curriculog.
  • The developer (instructor developing the course) must obtain department head/program director approval. In some cases it may be the department head or program director who initiates the process and identifies a developer.
  • The developer must successfully complete the Online Hybrid Certification Course at GRCC before beginning development.

Step 2: Submit the Online Course Request Form

  • The developer completes and submits the Distance Learning Course Development Request Proposal in Curriculog. The proposal form contains information on things such as why the course will benefit students if offered online and how the developer plans to use technology in the course.
  • The information is sent to the Associate Dean, Department Chair, and Distance Education leadership for review. Once the proposal is approved, the developer will be notified that he or she is clear to start building the course.
  • Note: for assistance launching the proposal form in Curriculog, contact Deb Dewent at

Step 3: Develop the course

  • After receiving approval, the developer can begin developing the course in Blackboard. An empty shell will be provided. Some things to keep in mind during development are …
    • The course should be developed to meet the current GRCC Distance Learning Standards.
    • While not required, developers are encouraged to meet with an Instructional Designer to map out a plan prior to beginning the development. Developers can email to set up an appointment. Developers can always contact DLIT throughout the development process if they have questions or need assistance.
    • Developers can also access a variety of resources that will help them as they work.
  • The course must be fully developed in Blackboard before it is submitted for review. In other words, all assignments, assessments, announcements, etc., must be complete.

Step 4: Submit the course for review

  • Once the course is complete, the developer contacts the Instructional Technologist/Designer at at which point, he or she will receive instructions via email on how to make the course available to reviewers.
  • The course is then reviewed by a committee that includes two faculty members and one instructional designer. If revisions are requested, the developer will be notified. If not, the course will be sent to the Executive Director of Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies for final approval.
  • Once approved, the executive director will notify the developer, department head, and associate dean of the approval, informing them that the course may be added to the schedule.

Developers are encouraged to contact Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies (DLIT) with any questions during the process and for assistance with the instructional design of the course. DLIT can be reached at or (616) 234-3205.


The Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department assists Deans, Associate Deans and Department Heads in the course request and development process and provides faculty professional development, technology training and resource support to faculty. DLIT provides this support to faculty as a service to assist the Deans, Associate Deans and Department Heads as they work to manage their schools, distance learning programs, departments, online/hybrid courses and overall curriculum.