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Finalize Grades within Your Course on Blackboard

Students will be able to access your course until the beginning of the next semester. If you would like to revoke student access earlier, you may do so by changing the course availability. 

Submit Finalized Grades to the Registrar’s Office

Instructors can not submit grades directly from Blackboard to the Registrar’s Office. Final grades must be entered through the Faculty Center of the Online Center. Typically an email is sent from the Registrar's Office towards the end of each semester with details and help for entering grades.

Answer any Final Questions or Problems

Address any issues in the course before students lose access.

Backup and Save your Grade Center and Course

It is highly recommended that you backup your grades periodically throughout the term and at the entire course at the end of every term. It is also recommended that you download and save a copy of your Grade Center. 

Identify Course Improvements

Take time to reflect, make a plan for improving the quality of your course. Where did students struggle the most, how can you modify, expand or include new learning activities to improve student motivation and success. There are also many resources available in Distance Learning & Instructional Technologies such as instructional design and instructional technology assistance, please email for more information or to schedule a meeting with the instructional designer!