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Budget Review Process

The budget review process will take place on a multi-year cycle, not annually. This cycle, as well as the programs and services (units of analysis) to be reviewed will be determined by executive leadership.

Programs and services to be reviewed will undertake the following process:

  1. The program/service will complete Questions to be Addressed by All Programs and Services.
  2. IRP and Financial Services will provide the quantitative data required for completion of either: Template for Academic Programs and Services, or Template for Non-Academic Programs or Services (whichever is appropriate for the program/service).
  3. The program/service will review this data for accuracy and complete the additional qualitative portions of the template.
  4. The program/service will, then, submit two documents to the Budget Review Committee: Questions to be Addressed by All Programs and Services and the appropriate template for either Academic or Non-Academic Programs.
  5. The Budget Review Committee (to be appointed by executive leadership) will review the templates provided and evaluate them using the rubrics formulated for each one (Note:  If an item on the rubric is NA, it will be eliminated from the scoring, and other items on the rubric will be recalculated proportionally). The score from Template A will be worth 40% of the final score, and the score from Template B will be worth 60% of the final score.
  6. Based on these final scores, the Budget Review Committee will make one of the following recommendations: a) enhance the funding level of the program/service; b) maintain the program/service at the current funding level; c) reduce the funding level of the program/service; or d) eliminate the program/service.  Recommendations will be based upon the quartile of the scoring system into which the program/service's final score falls.
  7. After the Budget Review Committee makes its recommendation, it will be shared with the program/service, which will have an opportunity to offer additional input for consideration.
  8. The Budget Review Committee, having reviewed any additional input, will forward its final recommendation to the President and executive leadership, who will utilize it as part of GRCC's regular budget process.
  9. After the Budget Review Committee completes a cycle of the review process, it will re-evaluate the process and suggest changes as necessary.