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25Live Event Scheduling Login

Event promotion

When creating your event listing you will have the opportunity to request that it appear on digital signs and the home page event calendar.

To allow for the event to run there, the event type you select should be one of the following:

  • Academic Related
  • Announcements
  • Conferences
  • Exhibits/Trade Shows
  • Meeting (digital signs only)
  • Music Ensembles
  • Performances/Contests/Competitions
  • Physical Activities
  • Seminars
  • Social/Leisure
  • Speakers/Lectures
  • Special Occasions
  • Trainings/Workshops/Camps/Clinics

Also be sure to enter:

  • In Event Name, the full name of the event versus a placeholder or abbreviation.
  • In Promotional Event Description, who is invited to the event and why they should attend, what will take place, and cost and/or registration details if applicable.
  • The actual Event Start and Event End date and time, with set-up and tear-down dates and times indicated under Additional Time.
  • Yes under Open to the Public.
  • A checkmark by Submit for approval to display on digital signs.

Need to make changes to a scheduled event?
Contact master scheduler by phone (616) 234-3715 or email