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Department Plans

Academic Advising & Transfer Center

Academic Advising Case Management

Develop and implement a case management model for academic advising.

Collaborate with classroom faculty on academic advising

The goal of this action project is to collaborate with academic departments at GRCC to expand academic advising services. This is a direct action item from the current CAP 2.2 (Establish and Implement a New Model for Academic Advising) work and the AATC faculty operate as a sub team. All academic departments have some kind of academic advising plan in place and through this work we will determine what those plans are as well as how we can collaborate. In addition, we will identify a faculty champion in each academic department who we can work directly with on this project.

Academic Support Services

Implement the use of relevant Navigate functions

Academic Support & Tutoring Services will implement the use of relevant Navigate functions into our department services and collaborate with other departments using Navigate data to support students and assist in providing targeted support services.

Marketing Analysis and Development

This is intended to be a multi-year action project with the broad scope of developing a comprehensive marketing program for the Academic Support & Tutoring Services department. The 2021-22 action project component will focus on: 

  1. Data Analytics team to review class success rates and identify target support areas.
  2. Using data to market to specific student populations and developing data collection methods via data warehouse/analytics.
  3. Creating promotional materials to inform target support areas about tutoring services and to help reduce any stigma and/or anxiety associated with the usage of these services.

Academic Testing Center

Increase awareness and use of alternative credit options

This project will increase awareness and use of alternative credit options (CLEP, Challenges Exams) through targeted communications to eligible students. Earning credits through these alternative programs may increase a student's rate of completion.

Reevaluate the use of software for self-scheduling of on-campus testing appointments

The project will reevaluate the use of software for self-scheduling of on-campus testing appointments and review the features of the current program, RegisterBlast to the features available in Navigate. It may also develop an opportunity to collaborate with other student service areas using Navigate to support students and assist in improving services related to student success and retention.

Adult Education and K-12 Partnerships

100% Online ESL & ABE offering

Designing a 100% Online curriculum for the 2020-21 school year.

Bridge Program

To Develop a program with Area High School Seniors that would allow them to successfully transition to GRCC with as many barriers removed as possible.

Guide/Facilitator for Under Represented Students

For under represented students to have a guide/facilitator to help them navigate their first year at GRCC and use the necessary resources to transition from Fall to Winter semester.


Athletic Scholarship Process

Updating and modifying the athletic scholarship process.

Coaches Orientation

Develop an orientation process checklist for coaches to compliment the handbook.


Making updates to the handbooks for coaches, athletic director, and support staff.

Business & Financial Services

Bookstore review / RFP

A team has been formed to explore bookstore needs/options/opportunities, and make recommendations to Executive Leadership in anticipation of a new RFP process for bookstore services.

Managing COVID Related stimulus grants/funding - CARES, HEERF, CRRSAA

Manage all aspects of various COVID stimulus funding packages - compliance, distribution, documentation, reporting, etc.

Campus PD

Lakeshore Campus Patrol

Review the feasibility of having a Lakeshore Campus Patrol officer at least a couple times a week for a few hours each day.

MACP Accreditation

MACP Accreditation



Investigating the option of adding sessions in Peoplesoft, allowing for a different due date for late starting classes.

Updating procedure and process documentation

Evaluate and update and/or create documentation for all procedures and processes in the Cashier's Office.

Center for Equity and Inclusion

2022-23 Campus Climate Survey

I am listing this item here as an FYI for a 2021 mid-year budget request. In July 2022, ODEI will need financial support and infrastructure to launch a comprehensive campus climate study.

Expand faculty and staff cultural competence development through consultation and training

The work of developing a culturally competent and culturally responsive workforce (senior administrators, staff, campus police, and faculty) at GRCC will entail the expertise of external access, equity, and inclusion consultants. The consultants' work in tandem with moderately advanced training initiatives such as Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) and changes to institutional policy, practices, and procedures will move forward a DEI framework for the college.

Institutional Ethos on Equity

A best practice of organizational DEI goals is to establish an overarching blueprint for how DEI is defined throughout the institution and metrics for monitoring DEI benchmarks.

Center for Teaching Excellence

Create Adjunct Faculty Institute

Develop and implement an Adjunct Faculty Institute (AFI). This new institute would consist of a series of opportunities that would help orient adjunct faculty as well as provide on-going development opportunities. The CTE would also take on the responsibility for the annual adjunct welcome dinner. We plan to use benchmarking and best practices for the development of these experiences. The Associate Deans, Department Heads, and Program Directors will also be asked to provide input related to outcomes and role delineation for who or what departments should be providing training and support to adjunct faculty.

New Faculty Institute

Evaluate and revise the New Faculty Institute (NFI). Evaluations will be issued to current NFI members to gain feedback on this year's experience. The plan is to work with Associate Deans and Department Heads to develop outcomes that will be used to revise and refine the NFI for the future. A new faculty liaison will be taking over the responsibility for the NFI next year.

College Advancement Office

Annual Fund Strategy and Implementation

Strategic creation and implementation of an annual fund that is focused on mid-level donors.

Donor Stewardship

To successfully steward donors to their next gift or interaction with GRCC.

GRCC Lakeshore Capital Campaign

Raise $2.5 million for the renovation of the new GRCC Lakeshore Campus.

College Success Center

Integrate College Success Center into New Student Services Design

Recent institutional initiatives aimed at transforming students services design have fostered opportunities for the College Success Center to actively explore how it too may be integrated into this work. The goal of this project is to actively explore how the College Success Center may be integrated into a more holistic student support and services design through active participation and engagement in CAP 2.2, CAP 3.3, and Title III initiatives.


Expand our brand advertising into television streaming opportunities, known as OTT.

We are effective in our print, web, radio and digital advertising and want to expand into a new area -- streaming television. As streaming services become more common, OTT allows us to target audiences.

Counseling & Career Development

Expansion of mental health services to the GRCC regional offices via Telemental Health

Expand our CCD services to our regional campus locations by providing counseling support for students via Telemental Health Services. Other critical items include staff training for crisis protocols and continuing mental health resources for the Lakeshore campus faculty and staff. This action project was made possible as a positive, unintentional consequence of COVID-19. Our counseling staff is now trained and certified in Telemental Health via our secure and confidential clinic platform for video conferencing ( This past year, we were also able to acquire and configure an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and calendar/scheduling system (Titanium) for the collection, utilization, and storage of Personal Health Information (PHI) that is accessible both on campus and remotely via VMWare.

Increase campus awareness of available mental health and wellness resources

Our focus will be to continue to develop brand identity on campus. This summer, 2021, our department will launch a new name that better represents the depth and breadth of services provided and distinguishes itself as the campus provider of mental health services.. A critical need is to continue to provide accessible and timely information for students, faculty and staff, parents and other community stakeholders. For example, faculty needs quick access to reporting protocols and information for students who need same day urgent care and community referral information. Students and faculty need to have quick and visible access to critical mental health information including the National Suicide Lifeline and the Crisis Text Line. We also plan to increase mental health awareness among faculty and staff that will help facilitate appropriate referrals to CCD services by offering informational sessions at various venues. Once we return to campus, we will need to increase participation in our Mind-Body Wellness series of workshops that are open to students, faculty and staff by developing innovative marketing and communication strategies. We will continue to contribute by presenting at numerous venues including Learning Day, Staff Training and The Center for Teaching Excellence.

Dean Stud Affairs

Innovate and Reshape the Enrollment Management and Financial Aid Service, Outreach, and Recruitment Model

Reorganize the enrollment management and financial aid staffing and service model to better align with post-pandemic student needs and recruitment goals, as well as to address new Futures for Frontliners and Reconnect programs.

Dean Wrkfrce Dev

Action Project 1: Allied Health Department and Programs

Facilitate the new program development in the Allied Health department.

Action Project 2: SWD Lakeshore Offerings

Develop a visible presence, both credit and non-credit, at the new Lakeshore campus.

Action Project 3: One Workforce Manufacturing Automation

Implement the USDOLs One Workforce Grant to ensure grant outcomes are met and connections with internal and external partners in the healthcare sector participate.

Action Project 4: W.K. Kellogg Foundation Equity and Empowerment through Career Pathways

Implement the W.K. Kellogg Foundations Grant to ensure grant outcomes are met.

Action Project 5: Program Sequencing and Course/Frequency

Continue to represent the SWD on the CAP 1.1 Schedule and Program Optimization Committee (and appropriate sub-teams) to make recommendations for the development of ongoing systematic and institutional processes to modify and improve the condition of classes based on historical enrollment patterns and student demand to improve persistence and completion.
For the 2021-22 AY, this work will include:
Work with Department Head/Program Director and Instructional Support staff to review existing suggested course sequencing (In What Order Should I Take Classes) for each academic program in the SWD, and facilitate creation of sequences yet to be completed, to ensure courses are scheduled so that students can complete in optimum time frame (two academic years for full time/four years for part time), with a focus on part-time students;
Review and recommend changes to course sequencing to increase course availability consistent with student demand (and within institutional resource constraints - e.g. faculty availability, space, etc.);
Work with Instructional Support staff to publish Course Sequences (In What Order Should I Take Classes) for all SWD programs in the Academic Catalog;
Work with Frequency sub-team to populate a field in PeopleSoft that will store Course Information data related to Frequency, specifically the Course Normally Offered field. Identify the appropriate data to be collected and input so that the information can be queried to inform YLS development and management (e.g., semesters offered, even/odd years, AM/PM, online/hybrid, etc.).

Action Project 6: College Application Revision for AY2022-23

Serve on a team to revise the College Application for AY 2022-23 to allow students to select a specific program, rather than a Pathway, if known. The need for this project was identified in the annual Academic Pathways Curriculum Advisory Team meetings, during which (1) the need for students to change from a Pathway program to a specific program was viewed as an unnecessary barrier for students who have determined their academic goals; and (2) the low level of movement of students from the academic pathways programs to the more specific career and pre-major programs. Students who are still deciding their academic goals will still select an AP program.
As part of this work, I will facilitate the updating of the COMM plans that were developed for the secondary admit programs when Pathways was first implemented. All Departments that have existing COMM plans will need to review their plans as well; we plan to provide support for COMM Plan revisions as well as for those who want to develop new COMM plans through the CTE.

Action Project 7: Program Director and Department Head Mentoring/Onboarding

The aim of this project is to develop trainings and workshops for incoming (and aspiring) department heads and program directors (heretofore `DH and `PD) that prepare them for their new roles. The first stage of this project is to liaise with selected DHs/PDs to identify specific tasks/skills/bodies of knowledge; drawing from this information, training(s) will be developed and delivered accordingly. This is expected to be a multi-year project.

Action Project 8: Revise/Update Tenure and Rank Portfolio Training

The Provost asked associate deans of SWD and SAS to develop the `College-wide Cohort of Evaluators as stipulated in the Article 17: Evaluation System, Letter E: `Decision-Making Processes of the Faculty Associations contract (pg. 85). Suggestions focused specifically on the *writing* of faculty portfolios.

Dean of Academic Outreach

Academic Outreach Department Space

Relocate GEAR UP Wyoming and High School Partnership departments/staff into one department space.

New Site Operational Development & Community Engagement

Provide general oversight of new site opening; community engagement; first year operations; academic delivery; and student support delivery.

Transition Challenge Scholars to Academic Outreach

The Challenge Scholars Program is a middle school & high school student initiative and as such would fall naturally under High School Partnerships. The Goal of this project would be to transition the Challenge Scholars Program, which is currently under Student Success and Retention, over to Academic Outreach.

Dean of Instructional Support

Complete Internal Audit of IS Curriculum Development Processes (Dean, Assistant Director, Curriculum Specialist, Director of Transfer & Articulation Services, APSS to the IS Dean, and APSS Curriculum Support Specialist)

This project also aligned to the Completion & Transfer Goal. The goal of this project is to complete an inventory and audit of all IS curriculum development processes to identify areas that are working smoothly, need improvement, are outdated, and/or require additional resources. The project will also be used to identify new areas in which IS can grow/expand in order to fulfill our department's mission/purpose as well as to make appropriate updates in our curriculum development systems for the next cycle. Additionally, this is a continuing project. (Modifying a previous DAP that was focused more broadly on all IS processes, including those in the CTE and Experiential Learning; as those departments have their own reports, this DAP is specific to other areas in IS without their own plans)

HLC Reaffirmation Steering Committee (Dean, APSS to IR)

This project relates to all five of our strategic goals. The goal of this project is to support GRCCs reaffirmation process.

Review Data Provided during Academic Program Review (APR) (Dean, Assistant Director, Curriculum Specialist, and Director of Transfer & Articulation Services)

This project is also aligned to the Completion & Transfer goal. The goal of this project, in collaboration with the Director of Institutional Research, Student Records, and School Deans Offices, is to review the data sets that IS provides to academic departments during the APR process. The project will also be used to identify new reports that can be utilized to provide a more comprehensive picture of program viability, including determining gaps in GRCC program offerings that can be filled by developing new programs and/or revising existing programs.

Dean's Office - School of Arts and Sciences

Co-lead Sustainability CAP

Mike Vargo leads this team with Klaas Kwant and Jim VanDokkumburg. This will be the third
year of this CAP in the new strategic plan. We are continuing to develop the scope of this CAP, which is essentially orienting the work of this institution through the lens of Sustainability. We started out very strongly in our second year of this CAP creating and supporting Zero Waste Events, partnering with GVSU, revamping our campus recycling program (including communication strategies), and broadly examining our campus practices through the lens of sustainability (Joining AASHE, pursuing an RFP with an external vendor to complete a Carbon Footprint analysis, participating in national Battle of the Buildings and Recyclemania events. This momentum was reduced significantly as we responded to the pandemic and closed the campus for much of the year. We have continued to meet as a group and continue this work, though it has undoubtedly been compromised by the all-consuming nature of our response to the pandemic. That said, we have continued to our work categorizing existing sustainability practices, benchmarking, and looking for opportunities to engage this as an institution, and anticipate a more active agenda returning as we are able to normalize our lives and campus climate. Amy Kirkbride will support this work, and this project will be part of Mike's and Amy's performance evaluations.

Direction of campus-wide OER initiative

Provide information and develop support for the Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative to
reduce instructional materials costs for GRCC students. (Year 6 of an ongoing project.) Mike
Vargo, Lauren Woolsey and Amy Kirkbride will lead this work, and it will be part of Mike's and
Amy's performance evaluations.

Re-establish and lead the Bookstore Liaison Team

After several years on hiatus (because things had been running so smoothly!) we have decided to re-establish the bookstore liaison team (BLT), to again improve the communication and consistency of this important campus function. The BLT is a cross-functional team composed of constituents in academic admin, academic depts, and Follett bookstore leadership. Grant Snider will lead this work as part of his school operations efforts and this will be part of his performance evaluation. Lauren Shirey will assist Grant in this work, and it will be part of her performance evaluation, as well.

Serve as Goal Lead for Strategic Goal 2: Completion and Transfer

Work with CAP teams on their project goals/ SLT presentations; Present to Board. Chris
Johnston will be leading this effort, with Melissa Polanco-Nunez providing support. This work
will be included in each of their performance evaluations.

Department of Experiential Learning

Revise Field Trip Procedures

Work with faculty and administrators to revise current field trip procedures/practices to ensure best practices are in place and mitigate risk.

Study Away Co-Curricular Assessment

Implement a co-curricular assessment plan for Study Away trips.

Enroll Ctr & Admissions

Admissions Process Review and Improvement

Review and analyze all admissions delivered and custom PS processes that assign and complete checklists, communications, and the matriculation process. Review gaps and processes that need enhancement.

RJF Space Redesign

Optimizing our new space and incorporating all front facing Student Affairs Offices in once space.


Finklestein Hall and Lakeshore Campus Improvements

Create and implement dynamic teaching and learning spaces in RJF Hall and Lakeshore campus. Occupy and operate phase 2 of RJF and Lakeshore Campus by Fall semester 2021.

Staffing Structure Evaluation

With a number of retirements in the administrative arm of the facilities office, as well as CEBA members, a thorough analysis of department structure and staffing is well timed.

Sustainability and CAP 5.3 work

Expand composting when sneden cafe opens, advocating for CDS to use compostable plates, silverware and packaging; Complete greenhouse gas inventory and submit AASHE stars survey; participate in USGBC battle of the buildings (Tassell M-TEC); operate more zero waste events on campus.

Financial Aid

Implementation of State Aid awarding calculators

The goal of this project is to automate within PeopleSoft the awarding process for various State Aid programs, including TIP, Futures for Frontliners, and Reconnect. This will improve speed and accuracy in awarding.

Overhaul the Financial Aid Policies and Procedures manual to make it more accessible

The goal of this project is to perform a comprehensive review of the GRCC Financial Aid Office's Policies and Procedures manual (PnP). This will ensure that all federal and state policies are well documented. In addition, this project will result in the PnP being more accessible to customer service and processing staff (and even Admissions and others) so as to improve information provided to students.

RJF Space Redesign and Hub (shared with Admissions)

This project is shared with Admissions and other departments. The adjustment to the new space with the incorporation of new offices will take some time to work smoothly. However, the result will be improved student experience and reduction is the time that students spend getting answers to their questions.

Genl Counl/Lab Rel

Advise Executive Leadership regarding changing State and Federal regulations

Monitor regulatory changes and advise in a timely fashion as the political environment shifts with a new presidential administration and the global pandemic continues.

Negotiate successor CEBA CBA

Create fiscally responsible 3 year bargaining agreement with CEBA employees.

Grants and Resource Development

Documentation of the department's standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The goal of this department action project is to document the standard protocols for conducting the internal work activities of the department.

Strengthen compliance efforts through professional learning opportunities and continuation of the comprehensive review of current protocols.

The goal of this department action project is to ensure the colleges grant compliance efforts align with federal uniform guidance, as well as industry best practices for private sponsors.

High School Partnerships

Improve Billing Process for HS Partners and Students

Create a new billing process for our HS partners and students.

Online Dual Enrollment & Middle College Application

Create an online application for our high school student population, including middle college, dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment students.

Human Resources

Continue improvement and documentation of virtual processes. Continue cross training and succession planning.

These goals are more operational in nature, but due to the pandemic, continued FMLA periods of staff, and retirements that will occur within the next 3-5 years, we must focus on these areas in the upcoming fiscal year.

Evidence Based Selection Process

This project started in 2020 with our participation in HireReach grant. This upcoming fiscal year will require continued work with implementation of additional job families, data analysis for the grant and for sharing with GRCC campus, and re-defining and re-writing hiring processes for evidence based selection process.

IT Academic Applications

Blackboard SaaS Migration

Implement Student Portal

Implement admission applications in CRM

IT Customer Support

Accommodation and support of Ticket platform

To provide a platform for other department to have a ticket system to track work and incidents within their departments.

Remote work support

Improve remote work support.
Improve device management.

IT Enterprise Applications

CAP 5.2 - Investigate the Effectiveness of the Current Campus Enterprise System (Peoplesoft)

The purpose of this project is to investigate the long-term effectiveness of the current enterprise system, PeopleSoft. The goals of this project are to embark on a campus-wide effort to: 1) document the current state of the system including strengths and weaknesses; 2) benchmark other enterprise options currently available; 3) develop a comprehensive recommendation/implementation plan.

Continue to make Improvements to the User Experience of PeopleSoft

Update and make improves to PeopleSoft where it makes economic sense to do so by utilizing new tools released by Oracle.

Implement functionality to house Enterprise Application projects and activity (TDX)

The Enterprise Applications department is in need of a system to track college/IT projects that are brought to our department for assessment/completion.

IT Information Security

Harden Authentication

Harden our authentication via multifactor authentication (MFA or 2FA) and other methods such as security questions and strong password requirements.

Identify and Close Security Gaps

Research current security threats and solutions in order to understand, identify, and implement controls to lower security risk.

Reduce Sensitive Data on the GRCC network

Reduce the amount of sensitive data on the GRCC network via identifying and purging outdated or duplicated data.

IT Infrastructure

Single Sign On (SSO) Disaster Recovery configuration

To review our current Sigle Sign On (SSO) deployment and determine options to recover from a SSO outage and/or continue service during an outage.

Wifi enhancement

Analyze current Wireless Access environment and determine if any areas could be improved. Then create a proposed deployment plan to extend access for our students and staff. This analysis would include green space options.

Information Technology Services

Identify areas of improvement using federal and state stimulus money

Identify areas of improvement using federal and state stimulus money for a coronavirus socially distanced campus.

Remote work support

Improve remote work support.
Improve device management.

Library/Learn Commons

Analyze the Integrated Library System (Innovative/Sierra) and research replacement options.

Analyze the Integrated Library System (Innovative/Sierra) and research competitive systems to ensure that the Library remains aligned with our mission and vision, and is equipped to function efficiently, effectively, reliably, and accessibly.

Automate the paper-based statistics model.

The library tracks all statistics by hand on paper-based statistics forms. This project would change all paper record-keeping models into a searchable database. Transactions would be time-stamped and categorized. The staff would no longer need to keep track of paper forms as the information they gather would be included into this online tool. The Library Director would be able to analyze library statistics more accurately for reporting to ACRL, IPEDs, and Deans/Provost. The Director would also use this information to improve Library services.

Media Technologies

Create a streaming production studio space

Create a streaming production studio space.

Install streaming camera systems in all classrooms

Install streaming camera systems in all classrooms equipped with multimedia systems.

Streamline Team Dynamics for Media

Work with I.T. Customer Support to streamline our department workflow by the use of Team Dynamics for Media forms, project management and ticketing.


Separating OSP from DSS and Rebranding OSP

Pull OSP apart from DSS, rebrand the program, refocus the goals on serving those students who experience barriers to education and employment for a variety of reasons.

Communication Plan for DSS Advisors + APSS Staff

DSS will focus on a plan for communication with students that addresses student's holistic needs, uses EAB and Clockwork to improve efficiency and includes specific tasks and timelines for completion.

Separate Disability and Occupational Support Programs, administratively and financially.

Goal is to create a more sustainable solution for staff and operations in Disability Support Services to solely focus time and energy on the work of increasing access, removing barriers, and academic advising for our students with disabilities while expanding collaboration with off-site campuses, faculty, staff in SSR, and the community to support success.

Print & Graphics

Creating email templates in Print Shop

To create email triggered templates in GRCCePRINT online ordering that can be triggered upon status changes that communicate to the customer in regard to order process, completion, and a opportunity to provide feedback to the Design Team on their performance. Create a template for order completion with a tie to a survey for the Design Department to collect data on how internal customers see their performance.

Proposal for new revenue stream

GRCCePRINT forms partnerships with departments to meet the needs for printed materials and specialty items, keeping funds internally supporting our department as part of GRCC. This proposal provides an opportunity to implement equipment that can produce several items currently being purchased outside of the College and keeping those items and money inhouse.

Project Management Office

To Increase Awareness of the Value of IT Project Management at GRCC

To Increase Awareness of the Value of IT Project Management at GRCC


Procure all required PPE as needed for the COVID 19 pandemic

Procure all required PPE as needed for the COVID 19 pandemic for the safety of staff and students.

Revamp GRCC Online Store

Collaborate with Information Technology to revamp the GRCC online store website and increase online store sales by 10%.

Staff Development

New Employee On-boarding

Continuing to look at the NEO process and streamline in an effort to offer an inclusive environment for new members of the GRCC employee family. Continue to enhance the virtual onboarding process due to our current working environment.

Stud Employ Serv

SES Website Redesign/Resource Update

To review information on website and ensure that all the information is up to date and design is easy to navigate. Also review off campus resources offered online (and in person?) and implement new resources that are beneficial to student

Supervisor Training

Our goal is to better educate our on campus supervisors on the information they need in order to be successful. This includes information on hiring processes, time sheets, disciplinary procedures, etc.

Utilize Google Drive

Organize and move shared documents from "S" drive to the Google Drive.

Student Life & Conduct

Hybrid Programming Model for Student Organization Leaders and General Student Population

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to our traditional programming model, which focuses on in-person events and programs. For a few years, student leaders have asked if they can attend the mandatory student organization trainings and Student Alliance meetings.

RaiderCard and Rapid's Wave Card Integration

With The Rapid's switch from paper tickets and cash fare to the Wave Card system, we are hopeful we'll be able to integrate it with our RaiderCard in the Fall 2021/Winter 2022. Prior to integrating the wave card with the RaiderCard, we will sell WaveCards in our office.

Student Records

Establish Veterans Success Center

Establish programming, relationships, and services within the Veterans Success Center.

Rooming Analysis

Audit our inventory of room features/characteristics in our rooming and scheduling systems against what is available in the actual building on campus. The goal is to leverage our systems for sustainability and to reduce the need of manual room assignment by operations Associate Dean staff and optimize room utilization.

Service Model

Department work: we would like to take our front-end services and map them out to determine our service model with the RJF Hall renovation. This is a continuing project as we are still in the planning process with facilities and other departments.

Student Support Services

Comprehensive Financial Literacy

A federal requirement for any TRIO program is to provide financial literacy to our students. We have utilized multiple platforms over the years and none have been exactly what we want. This year we are looking at utilizing multiple platforms to provide information to students who learn in different ways. Videos, workbooks, in person workshops and online modules are all formats we are exploring. Areas of concern taking this approach will be in the tracking of who is participating and identifying key areas for EVERY student to explore while also providing freedom for self-exploration.

Process Mapping Recruitment to Admission into TRIO

We will take this year to identify the seen and unseen processes that we do to bring awareness to our TRIO programs at GRCC, recruit students and fully admit them into our program. We will utilize this time to identify redundancy and areas we can simplify and streamline our processes. How can we utilize EAB to assist us?

Web and Digital Strategy


Provide our community with an intranet for internal-facing communications. This would remove the thousands of documents that violate federal accessibility requirements.

Lakeshore Microsite

Provide web branding for the Lakeshore to appear in all marketing materials, creating a clear, yet synchronized distinction as a GRCC>Lakeshore brand.

Web Editor Governance

Provide full-time editors to each school that will ensure a clear structure in web content edits, updates and who is responsible for these efforts so we can ensure mission-critical content that supports students' enrollment and retention is accurate, quality, optimized for SEO and branded accurately.