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Online teaching is extremely rewarding and takes good time management skills, commitment, organization, planning, active online engagement, technology knowledge and comfortability writing and conveying your online presence.

Are you teaching online this semester? If so, we've put together a series of resources and checklists to help you prepare your course, focus on student engagement and orientation in the first week, and some helpful reminders for teaching your course throughout the semester.

These resources are intended to assist you as a faculty member to help ensure student success in your online courses!

Detailed resources

If you need additional assistance or have additional suggestions or ideas for these series of pages, please feel free to contact!

Quick list


  • Design interactivity
  • Load and check content
  • Open class early

First Week

  • Welcome
  • Provide course orientation
  • Engage Students
  • Establish your online presence 
  • Monitor student logins


  • Monitor student performance
  • Maintain your online presence
  • Community regularly
  • Interact in discussion boards
  • Hold online  office hours
  • Provide timely feedback


  • Enter final grades
  • Identify course improvements