Conferencing and Events

We require one or a combination of the following documents, as applicable, upon space rental:

  • Written use agreement.
  • Verification of not-for-profit status.
  • Insurance documents as event requires.

If you have any questions, please contact Becky Yoder by calling (616) 234-3715.

2018-19 Facility Use and Fees

Type of Space Current Rates Per 4 Hours
Small Conference Rooms
(Capacity of 16)



Large Meeting/Banquet Rooms
(Capacity from 16–50)


Not-for-profit: $100

Classrooms: General Purpose
(Capacity from 24–40)

Not-for-profit: $40–$50
Labs and Specialty Classrooms
(Capacity varies)


Not-for-profit: $300–$600

Large Meeting/Auditorium Spaces
(Capacity varies)


Not-for-profit: $300–$600

Ford Fieldhouse Arena

$1,500/half day
$1,000/6 hours

Not-for-profit: 50% pricing.

Other/Specialty Spaces Individually negotiated