Employee Travel Reimbursements

Employee Reimbursements for business related travel expenses will be processed in accordance to Travel Policy 11.4. For business related travel with expenses of $2,500 or greater or travel with students, not including Study Away programs, please contact the Financial Services office (616) 234-2177) for assistance with travel arrangements.

Please scan reimbursement requests with supporting documents to reimbursement@grcc.edu.  Please submit reimbursement requests to Financial Services by the same due date as time sheets for processing.

Business Related Travel

  • Application for Leave of Absence:  Approved form must be completed before flight requests or travel related reimbursements can be processed.
    • Indicate in Leave of Absence form flight/airfare requests
    • Indicate extra baggage request due to presentation materials
  • Employee Reimbursement Requests can include:
    • Airfare for economy/coach seating
    • Baggage fees (1 bag allowed per flight, unless presentation materials required)
    • Ground transportation, parking fees, shuttle services
    • Hotel/Lodging expenses
    • Per Diem Meal expenses, only used for travel greater than 25 miles from GRCC's main campus.
    • Mileage for same activity/function
    • Itemized receipts required for airfare, hotel, baggage, transportation, meals purchased on behalf of 2 or more employees, meals purchased at activities within 25 miles of GRCC's main campus.
  • Mileage Reimbursement Request
    • 2019 Mileage Rate is .58 cents per mile, effective 01/01/2019-12/31/2019
    • Mapquest.com should be used for all mileage requests. 
    • Mileage on normal work days is from GRCC Main Campus (143 Bostwick NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503) to your destination.
    • Mileage on non-work days is from your home to your destination; include map.
    • Include mapquest.com map with reimbursement request for all travel more than 25 miles from GRCC’s main campus. 
    • Only mileage above normal commute is reimbursable.  Normal commute is defined as mileage from home to GRCC main campus to home.
    • See Off Campus Mileage Form for commonly traveled locations from GRCC's Main campus.

Adjunct faculty who teach at more than one site on the same day may be eligible for mileage reimbursement.  Please complete the Adjunct Faculty Mileage Reimbursement Request and submit to Dean/Supervisor for authorizing signature, schedule verification, and account number.  Weekly schedules should be included with Adjunct Faculty Mileage requests.

If you have questions regarding Travel Related Reimbursements, please email Theresa Kent at tkentwilliams@grcc.edu or call (616) 234-2177.