Master Plan Update - 2015

Grand Rapids Community College celebrated its centennial during the 2014/2015 academic year.  As the college looks to the future, Progressive AE was engaged to assist with an update to the facilities master plan.

History:  In 2009, GRCC worked with Progressive AE to update the Campus Master Plan following the acquisition of the Fulton Street property.  That plan focused heavily on integrating the new property into the GRCC campus experience, and also identified significant areas of concern within existing facilities to meet capacity needs due to program requirements and increasing enrollment.  In the past five years, GRCC has:

  • Fully occupied the DeVos campus
  • Made significant improvements to existing facilities
  • Planned for the construction of a new lab/preschool on site
  • Experienced a decline in enrollment growth

Purpose for the update:  Reassess existing facilities, identify planned renovations and new facilities , incorporate public transportation changes and future transportation implications, and identify opportunities to develop or replace existing assets.

The 2015 update is now complete!


  • Continued commitment to create the “GRCC Campus Experience”
  • Improve pedestrian safety - Become less car-centric
  • Opportunity to develop practice field facility to address needs identified by students, employees and neighbors
  • Identify where opportunities for additional facilities exist if needed in future years

The entire document can be viewed here.