Report a Vending Machine Issue

Should you experience trouble with a vending machine on campus at GRCC, please complete the following form so we can notify the appropriate company about the nature of the issue, the type of machine and its location on campus.

If you purchased a product and the machine did not dispense that product, please visit GRCC's Police Department at 25 Lyon NE to request a refund.

GRCC Police
(616) 234-4010
25 Lyon NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Please complete this form describing the location and nature of a vending machine's problem so we can request service.  Remember, all refunds are handled by campus police.  Requests for refunds must be handled in-person at the Campus Police station. 



I understand that completing this form does not generate a refund to my account. All refunds will be completed at the campus police department. Completing this form simply allows us to request service on a vending machine that is not operating correctly.