Compliance Resources

Compliance Team

The purpose of this team is to ensure accountability for college-wide compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

This team exists to identify the appropriate college departments and officials who have responsibility for compliance with new, existing or modified laws and regulations which require a college response.  Team members inform, educate and collaborate with the goal of maintaining a comprehensive decentralized college compliance function that protects the college from adverse legal consequences.


Compliance Resources

Campus Legal Information Clearinghouse

The Campus Legal Information Clearinghouse (CLIC) is a collaborative effort between the American Council on Education (ACE) and The Catholic University of America's Office of General Counsel.

CLIC's mission is to build a freely available, web-based collection of user-friendly compliance materials (such as Frequently Asked Questions, plain English explanations of the law, sample publications, videos and web tutorials from other institutions) to help all American college and university campuses enhance compliance with most major federal regulations applicable to higher education institutions.

Higher Education Compliance Alliance

The Higher Education Compliance Alliance was created to provide the higher education community with a centralized repository of information and resources for compliance with federal laws and regulations.

A matrix of federal laws requiring compliance by colleges and universities can be found online.