Policy Updates


June 2018 Policy Meeting


8.30 Student Code of Conduct (Policy)

  • Updated VII. Related Documents

Student Code of Conduct (Separate Document)

  • Changes throughout:
    • Use of gender neutral pronouns (they/them/theirs) in place of gendered pronouns (she/him/hers/his/etc.)
    • Added links to all referenced policies
    • Updated policy language to reflect current language, including Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy, Sexual Misconduct, etc.
    • Changed ‘learning experience’ to ‘learning environment’ to match current campus language
    • Clarified and simplified language. Ex: Changed “Students attending GRCC” to “GRCC students”
  • Section 1
    • Jurisdiction
      • B. Added “and electronic communication,” “computer network,” and “or when otherwise representing GRCC.”
      • C. Replaced “its community” with “the GRCC community”
      • D. Changed “staff” to “employees”
      • E. Added “which may have an impact on the GRCC Community”
    • Definitions
      • B. Added definition for advisor
      • D. Changed definition of college officials from “administrative and executive officers and their designees” to “An employee designated to address a conduct-related issue.”
      • E. Changed from “Any person who submits charges alleging a student violated the Student Code who believes they have been a victim of the misconduct” to Any person who formally alleges a violation of the Student Code.”
      • G. Added definition for employee
      • Deleted definition for Cyber Stalking – included in stalking
      • Deleted definition for Cyber Bullying – included in bullying
      • J. Changed from “All property owned, operated, maintained, controlled or leased by GRCC” to “All land, buildings, facilities or other grounds or structures, including adjacent streets and sidewalks, or any item in possession of or owned, used, loaned, leased, maintained or controlled by GRCC or funded by GRCC budgets, including computers and network systems, library materials, classrooms and laboratories used for GRCC purposes.”
      • K. Added “dual enrolled and middle college students.”
    • Student’s Rights and Responsibilities
      • Rights
        • A. Added “in accordance with building access policies”
          • i. Changed “The right to be informed about” to “To have access to”
          • ii. Changed from “The right to consistent academic evaluation in relation to other students” to “Fair and consistent academic evaluation.”
      • Responsibilities
        • Added “and College policies” in place of “rules and regulations.”
        • Removed (repetitive) “Additionally, students are to abide by all rules applicable to conduct in a classroom environment and at College sponsored activities. By enrolling in the College, students are automatically placed under the rules and regulations established by the College. Therefore it is the students’ responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations affecting them.”
  • Section 2
    • Academic Honesty (Changes approved by AGC Winter 2018)
      • Cheating
      • Plagiarism
      • Fabrication
      • Other Examples of Academic Dishonesty
      • Consequences of Academic Dishonesty at GRCC
        • Distinguished between classroom penalties and conduct sanctions
        • Moved “The faculty member may make a referral…”
        • Clarified “Appeals for academic dishonesty” process and included link.
    • Classroom Conduct (Changes approved by AGC Winter 2018)
      • Examples of Classroom Misconduct
        • B. Removed “is not allowed under most circumstances. The use of personal laptop computers, phones, etc. may be acceptable in some classes, however they must be used only for note taking or activities in direct support of the course objectives.”
        • C. Changed from “Entering the classroom late or leaving the classroom prior to the end of class is considered a disruption to the learning process and should be avoided unless exceptional circumstances arise” to “Entering the classroom late or leaving the classroom prior to the end of class may be considered a disruption to the learning environment.”
      • Consequences of Classroom Misconduct at GRCC
        • Changed “who commit acts of classroom misconduct” to “engaged in classroom misconduct”
        • Distinguished between classroom penalties and conduct sanctions
        • Moved “The faculty member may make a referral…”
        • C. Removed “or conduct officer”
        • Removed penalty “assignment of a failing grade for the course”
        • Removed duplicated penalty “referral to the conduct office”
        • Clarified “Appeals for Classroom Misconduct”
        • Added “If the offense is egregious, threatening or repeated…”
        • Clarified “Appeals for classroom misconduct” process and included link
    • General Conduct
      • Changed “…reserves the right to impose sanctions on students for personal actions which may not be expressly identified.” To “…reserves the right to deem other behavior inappropriate that is not expressly identified in these regulations.”
      • 5. Demonstrations
        • Changed second paragraph from “The College will not tolerate the deliberate material or substantial disruption of the classroom, work environment or movement of others, nor will it condone violence or physical interference with the facilities or functions of the campus. If protestors (or anti protestors) resort to the use of violence or physical interference, College officials may, without delay, invoke the use of legitimate authority to remove all violators.” To “The College will not tolerate disruption of the learning environment, work environment or movement of others, nor will it condone violence or physical interference with the facilities or functions of the campus. Campus Police may, without delay, stop any demonstration that violates this regulation.”
      • Removed regulation for Gangs
      • 11. + 12. Separated Illegal and Unauthorized Possession/Use of Alcohol and Drugs
      • 13. + 14. Separated Illegal and Unauthorized Possession/Use of Weapons
      • 17. Misuse or Unauthorized Possession or Use or Theft of Public or Private Property
        • Added theft to title
      • 18. Obstruction/Abuse of Student Conduct Process
        • A. Removed “a summons of”
        • D. Removed “proper”
        • F. Added “or anyone else involved in the conduct process”
        • G. Removed “Influencing or attempting to influence another person to commit an abuse of the conduct process”
      • 19. Refusal to Identify and/or Comply
        • Added “an employee or College official”
      • 20. Rioting
        • Changed “disturbing the peace” to “disrupting the learning environment”
      • 22. Sexual Misconduct
        • Removed definitions, including sexual harassment. Did not mention any other examples of sexual misconduct. Referred to policy.
      • Removed Stalking regulation
      • 23. Threatening or Causing Physical or Other Harm to Any Person
        • Combined “Threatening Behavior” and “Threatening or Causing Physical or Other Harm to any Person”
        • A. Removed examples of threatening behavior and clarified language
        • Note: Changed from “A student can be guilty of threatening behavior” to “A student could be found responsible for threatening behavior or comments”
      • 24. Tobacco/E-Cigarette Free Environment
        • Changed name to “Unauthorized Use of Tobacco, E-Cigarette or Vaporizer Pen” and added “vaporizer pen” to the list of items prohibited
        • Changed “…all properties owned, operated, leased or maintained” to “all properties owned, leased or controlled by” and removed “including all Regional Centers, MTec properties, Learning Corner properties and the McCabe Marlowe House”
      • 27. Violation of Local, State or Federal Laws
        • Removed “including, but not limited to, laws governing alcoholic beverages, drugs, gambling, sex offenses, indecent conduct, arson, copyright, etc.”
        • Changed “…without regard to the pendency of civil or criminal litigation in court” to “…without regard for civil or criminal litigation in court”
      • Changed from: “Note: Students under 18 years of age who are involved in acts of violence, drugs, and alcohol or sexual assault violations may have their parents notified by the Student Conduct Administrator (or designee.)” to “Note: Students who are involved in violations of the Student Code of Conduct may have their parents notified by the Student Conduct Administrator (or designee.)”
  • Section 3
    • Student Conduct Process and Procedures
      • Changed “Any member (student or employee) of Grand Rapids Community College may file charges against a student for violations of the Student Code of Conduct” to “Any person may report potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct by a GRCC Student to the Student Conduct Administrator or designee.”
      • Changed “When a student has been charged with misconduct or an infraction of the College rules” to “When a student has been charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct”
      • Removed examples of Sexual Misconduct
      • Changed “conference” to “meeting”
      • Clarified evidentiary standard and preponderance of the evidence
      • Changed “The student and/or group or organization (and a complainant who believes they were the victim of another student’s conduct)…” to “If a student and/or group or organization is found responsible for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Student Conduct Administrator shall determine the sanction(s) to be imposed.  The student and/or group or organization will receive the determination and sanction(s) imposed, if any, in writing.  Complainants of violent crimes and/or sexual misconduct will receive a determination of findings and sanctions related to the complainant.”
      • Removed “a second classroom misconduct removal”
      • Retaliation
        • Moved last sentence to middle of section.
    • Sanctions
      • Removed “/consequences”
      • Changed “may be imposed by the College for general misconduct or incidence of Classroom Misconduct” to “may be imposed by the Conduct Administrator or designee for violations of the Student Code of Conduct”
      • D. Added “or academic program”
      • G. Removed “permanent,” clarified GRCC property
      • Combined bullets into paragraph. Added language about what’s included in background checks.
      • Interim Suspension
        • C. Added appeal mechanism for interim suspensions
    • Changed title to expand amnesty to any report of a code violation: “Amnesty for Reports of Sexual Misconduct or Student Code Violations.”
      • Added drug use as a reason to grant amnesty
  • Section 4
    • Hearing Committee Make-up
      • Added “three (3) GRCC employees (a combination of faculty and staff members)” to clarify who serves on committee
    • Rules and Regulations
      • A. Removed after “expense” “and provided that at least 24 hours’ prior written notification is delivered to the Hearing Committee Chairperson.”
      • C. Removed after “case file” “student’s unwillingness to answer questions regarding the incident will not be held against the student.”
      • D. Changed language that the hearing recording will be retained with the case file” from “not until the appeal procedures have been completed.”
      • E. Changed from “will attend” to “may attend.”
    • Special Hearing Provisions for Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Other Complaints of a Sensitive Nature
      • Changed “will always be relevant to a finding” to “may be relevant to a finding”
    • Final Appeal
      • C. Changed “mailed to the student by first class mail” to “emailed to the student’s GRCC email address”
  • Section 5
    • Interpretation and Revision

3.2 Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability

  • VII. Related Documents: Removed old links and consolidated information; added other relevant policies.
  • IX. 3. Essential Abilities and Technical Standards: Clarified language around skills students need, distinguishing them from learning outcomes.
  • IX. 4. Essential Job Functions: Added line that these are listed in job descriptions.
  • IX. 7. Visitors: Added definition for visitors to clarify throughout policy how visitors make accommodation requests, raise concerns, etc.
  • X. Procedures: Added line indicating anyone having concerns about ability to comply with policy should contact Director of EO Compliance.
  • X.A.2. Disability Accommodation (student): Clarified process for student requests, including noting that accommodations are not retroactive.
  • X.A.3 Visitors: Added language clarifying what visitors should do to request accommodations.
  • X.B.2 Students: Divided section into different potential student complaints, and added information to route those complaints appropriately, depending on the subject.
  • XI. Forms: Updated DARF form and added Captioning Request form.
  • XIII. Policy History: Updated with changes.
  • XIV. Review Date: Added two-year review date.

11.15 Purchasing

  • X.C.1.  retitled from “Emergency situations” to “Emergency & Critical situations”; revised to address critical purchases in addition to emergency purchases, revised to address the approval of critical purchases exceeding $100K in the absence of a monthly BOT meeting, President designee (F/A VP) approval eliminated and replaced with Chairperson consultation


May 2018 Policy Meeting

14.6 Hazard Communication - no changes

6.2 Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy

  • VIII: Updated Contacts to include General Counsel and Executive Director of HR
  • Xa: Consolidated language explaining reporting options; added anonymous reporting language and language for students reporting concerns.
  • Xa) (3): Added language indicating that employees must cooperate with investigations.
  • Xc): Clarified investigation process and added language about the availability of final reports for viewing, as well as language about what is retained in personnel files.
  • Xe): Added designated reasons that must be identified for appeal process.
  • Xf): Clarified that representative has an advisory role only in the process, and cannot be a witness.
  • XIII: Updated policy history to reflect changes.


April 2018 Policy Meeting

14.2 Firearms, Explosives or Weapons

  • X. Procedures - made “How to handle a situation where they see someone with a gun or other weapon” more concise.

11.7 Disposal of Surplus, Used or Obsolete Furniture & Equipment

  • IX. - updated definition of “surplus, used and/or obsolete items”
  • X.E. - added that IT is responsible for securely deleting data from computers

11.8 Investment - no changes

11.15 Purchasing

  • III D. Board Authorization - updated quote amounts to reflect changes in federal law
  • III G. - Added procedure for Competitive Proposals
  • III N. Accessibility - added Director of EO Compliance contact information
  • Updated websites throughout


February 2018 Policy Meeting

11.19 Lobbying - no changes

11.20 Supplanting of Federal Funds - no changes

14.10 Service Animals

  • IX.A: Definition of Service Animal: streamlined definition for readability and to comply more accurately with state of the law.
  • IX.A: Miniature Horse requests: Clarified requests for Miniature Horses should be filtered through DSS for assessment per policy
  • X.A: Registration for Service Animals: Added optional registration for service animals, including option of ID tag if desired.
  • X.C: Student Code of Conduct: Added section providing disruptions could result in violation of Student Code.
  • X.D: Permissible Questions: Clarified this section to make it more readable.
  • X.E: Allergies: Added section indicating anyone in need of accommodation (including for allergy) would reach out to DSS or Director of EO Compliance for accommodations.
  • X.F: Criteria for Removal: Added section (3), providing that animal may be removed for behavior indicating that animal is not sufficiently trained.

9.10 Contributions to the College

  • Updated web address for Donations of Material and Equipment form
  • Clarified procedure for donors wishing to designate a gift to a specific department or division and acknowledgement of that gift.