IIPD Grant Reports

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Here you will find written IIPD grant reports from 2007 until present date.

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Filippo Tagliati: Eve - Infini des Formes



Erin Busscher: National Phi Theta Kappa Conference

Keith St. Clair explores the historical, political, and cultural contrasts between China and Taiwan



Katie Budden: International Travel to France with GRCC Global Studies HU 219 

Lynnae Selberg: National American Counseling Association Conference

Becky Brinks: 2017 World Forum-Early Child Care and Education 

Fred Zomer: Association for Orientation, Transition & Retention in Higher Education


Robert Schultz: The Art of Sous Vide Cooking

Keith St.Clair: China and Taiwan Political Contrast Seminars

Susan Williams: Conference Panel Chair and Commentator, Dale Center for the Study of War & Society

Yan Bai: The 2016 Annual Conference of the Northeastern Political Science Association 



Christina McElwee: National College Reading and Learning Association Conference

Kate Byerwalter: National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology

Keith Ferguson: International Builders Show

Laura Moody: Elsevier Faculty Development Conference

Sammy Zollman: Elsevier Faculty Development Conference

Kay Ramer: Elsevier Faculty Development Conference

Shanna Goff: National Association for Developmental Education Conference

Robert Hendershot: Transatlantic Studies Association Annual Conference

Donald Steeby: HVAC Excellence Educators Conference

Nan Schichtel: 2nd Annual Personal Librarian Conference


Sarah Krajewski: National Association of Biology Teacher's (NABT)

Tim Hoving: National Association of Biology Teacher's (NABT)

Laurie Foster: National Association of Biology Teacher's (NABT)

Anna Maria: National Academic Advising Association International Conference

Mike Devivo: Distance Education and Teacher Education-Biennial Conference

Filippo Tagliati: Trip to Italy to exhibit work and attend the Venice Biennale

Tom Boersma: Manufacturing Exhibition in Milan, Italy



Jill Woller-Sullivan: American Counseling Association National Conference

Lynnae Selberg: American Counseling Association National Conference

Gayl Beals: Visions Hi Tech Conference

Rebecca Brinks: Working Forum on Design and Nature

Troy Walwood: National Plastics Expo


Angus Campbell: Staging with Chefs of Italy

Mursalata Muhammad: Teaching English in Peru - Certification

Elizabeth McKinney: Kellogg Institute, Appalachian State University-Certification of Adult & Developmental Educators

Matthew Douglas: Traveling across Eastern States to Western States-Determining Mating Habits of Monarch Butterflies

Keith St. Clair: Traveling along the North African Coast-The Impact of the Arab Spring, History and Politics



Mike DeVivo: International Geographical Union 2013

Robert Hendershot: National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar, “India’s Past and the Making of the Present.”

Chad Lodenstein: Snap-on Diagnostics

Karen Murphy: Postsecondary Disability Training Institute

Shanna Goff: Advanced Kellogg Institute

Hillery Haney: Study Abroad 


Stephen Barton - College Music Society Conference in Cambridge, MA

Kimberly Overdevest - Attendance of the College Art Association Annual Conference

Aleta Anderson - Attended and presented at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Debora DeWitt - College Music Society National Conference

Donald Steeby - HVAC Excellence Educators Conference

Yan Bai-American Western Political Science Association 2014



Janice Chapman-Reading Apprenticeship Training

Lori DeBie-Library Association Conference

Matthew Douglas-Study Butterflies in Costa Rica-Panama

Stacey Heisler-NACADA Conference

Judith Jankowski-Stress Management Certification

Laura Moody-Accompany Nursing Students in Costa Rica

Robert Schultz-Professional Development Hawaii

Linda Spoelman-Reading Apprenticeship Training

Keith St.Clair-Learn about Politics of Cuba

FillipoTagliati- Art Prize


Brian Morris - 2013 Avatar Wizard Course

Jolene Boelens - Nursing Conference for Retention and Support of At-risk and Foreign-born Students

Keith Ferguson - International Home Builders Conference

Sarah Rose - Higher Ground Assistance Technology Conference

Emily Nisley - Conference of the National Behavioral Intervention Team

Terri Tilman - Myers-Briggs Assessment Certification



Mike DeVivo-Geography Conference S. Africa

Shanna Goff-Advanced Kellogg Institute

Audrey Heckwolf-Baking Professional Development

 Robert Hendershot-Present at Transatlantic Conf-Scotland

Diana Kooistra-Dental Hygiene Conference

Maryann Lesert-Prague Summer Program


Yan Bai-Western Political Science Conference

Colleen Becker-TESOL Conference

Judith Bezile-Cengage Conference

Rebecca Brinks-Present at Childhood Ed Oxford Roundtable

Joan Gearns-Natl Council of Teachers Conference

B. Nan Schichtel-American Library Assoc Conference

Susan Williams-Historical Assoc. Conf. Panel

Kelly Roblin - English as a Foreign Language Training



Andrews-Nutrition Ed Conference

Antonakis-Vanrooyen-Coupe du Monde France

Biology Staff-League for Innovation

Boersma-League for Innovation STEM

Douglas-Research Fauna-Flora of Peru

Forrest-Teaching and Learning Conference

Lochan-Emerging Tech in Nursing Ed

Morris-Avatar Wizard Course

Muhammad-Ctr for Community Engagement


Antonakis-Vanrooyen-Coupe du Monde France

Biology Staff-League for Innovation

Forrest-Teaching and Learning Conference

Morris-Avatar Wizard Course

Schiele-Gady-Yoga Fit Level 4 Training



Anderson-Paris Site Visit-Turkey CIEE Conf

Bai-Summer Study in Taiwan

Borrello-AMATYC conference

DeVivo-Geography Conf S. Africa

Doane-McIntyre-Ferguson -Green Bldg Conf

Kaechele-ATHE Conference

Spoelman-Advanced Kellogg Institute

St. Clair-Learning in Iran

Vargo- Toronto Conference


Cooper-Reading Apprenticeship Institute

Light-History Ed Conference

Owens-Advanced Diversity Strategies Cornell



Antonakis-Visit to Greece

Cope-Association of Writers Conference

DeVivo-Geography Conference-S. Africa

Douglas-Butterfly Research Costa Rica-Panama

Kalisz-Association of Writers Conference

Knoppers-Intl. Nursing Research Congress

Kooistra-Professional Dental Assisting Conference

Millar-Astronomical Society Conferences

Mowers-Association of Writers Conference

Ramer-Womens Health Conference

Saldivar- Academy on Critical Thinking Oxford

Saunier-Association of Writers Conference

Spoelman-Intl. Research in Access Dev Ed Conf

St. Clair-Faculty Development in Jordan-Jerusalem

Tyler-Foster-LabVIEW Basics Training

Wynkoop-Association of Writers Conference


Bayer-Oxford Roundtable Symposium

Becker-ESOL Teachers Conference

Bezile-Photoshop Professionals Conference

Child Development Staff-Early Ed Conf Belfast

Hesse-Assoc for Supervision & Curriculum Dev



DeVivo-Geography Conference-S. Africa

Faber-Blackboard World Conference

Heldt-Digidesign Training

Kalisz-Womens Studies Conference

Levi-Nursing CEU

Millar-Astronomical Society Conference

Ramer-Womens Health Conference

Spoelman-Advanced Kellogg Institute-Dev. Ed

St. Clair-Faculty Development Conference-China

Woller-Sullivan-Career Development Conference

Zomer-Blackboard World Conference


Anderson-ACTFL Conference

Bai-Western Political Science Conference

Doane-McIntyre-Intl. Builders Show

Keizer-Ph.D. Colloquia

Lochan-Critical Care Conference

Pierson-Master X Training