Sponsor a Grad

Graduate in cap and gown

It only takes $31 to Sponsor a Grad!

We know that many students have told us that they are not able to participate in the commencement ceremony due to the cost of the cap and gown. We can think of no better way to celebrate the individual success of our graduates than by removing this one final financial barrier for our students - $31 to purchase their cap and gown.  

Know that our students are overwhelmed when they hear that a GRCC faculty or staff member's donation made it possible for them to participate in this important life event, an event that for many of these students, is the first such event in the history of their family!

To follow is a student quote highlighting the impact of this gift for her last year:

"I would like to first say thank you all for making graduation a blessing and fun! I would not have been able to walk with pride and joy on graduation day! I was actually hit by a car the week before graduation and all of the GRCC staff made me glad I came, they never once made me feel like a burden. I was only working part-time and did not have enough money for my cap and gown. The staff at GRCC helped me out with a cap and gown and I was able to return the gown for the next person. I felt truly blessed attending GRCC. Keep on doing an awesome job! Continue to let your staff keep blessing others like me! Thank you from the heart!"  Earnette Wrancher, class of 2016.

And, here is a quote from a GRCC staff member highlighting why he gave to the Sponsor a Grad program last year:

"I remembered how I felt when I walked across the stage when graduating from Thames Valley State Technical College with my A.S. many moons ago, and it felt natural to help ensure graduates aren't denied the same experience for want of enough money to obtain their cap and gown." Michael Passer, IT Enterprise Director

Know that there is no limit to the number of graduates you sponsor. You can make your donation online by simply doing so with the form below.  Or if you prefer, and would like to make a donation using a different payment method, you are welcome to contact the Foundation Office directly at 234-3939.

Thank you for all you do in support of our students and their success.