Relational Beverage Scholarship Fundraising Dinner

Brown bubbles suggestive of beer

Thank you so much for attending our Relational Beverage Scholarship Fundraising Dinner. On Friday, October 14, the GRCC Foundation and Secchia Institute of Culinary Education held a one-of-a-kind interactive dining experience fundraiser. Guests were able to view and experience the GRCC Fountain Hill Brewery, enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by students and faculty in GRCC's Secchia Institute for Culinary Education. This interactive dinner featured five courses paired with a coffee, a wine, and a beer.  Guests were entertained during dinner by a discussion lead by a panel of beverage experts in the field. Guests were then able to vote for their favorite beverage pairing. 

$15,000 was raised for GRCC's Secchia Institute of Culinary Education culinary and craft brewing student scholarships. 

Thank you to the Secchia Institute of Culinary Education faculty and students for helping to make this event so successful!