From the VP of College Advancement

You can see the impact of the Grand Rapids Community College Foundation across our thriving community. You see it in people across West Michigan. Some are leaders; some are people advancing their careers, and some are people proudly overcoming obstacles to become successful.

None of that happens without you.

Your support of Grand Rapids Community College and the people it serves allows us to transform lives — together.

This year, we launched the public phase of the “A Broader Vision” campaign. We had a goal of raising $15 million to provide additional scholarships and modernize facilities.

We knew it was ambitious. However, we also know the need is great — and the difference a scholarship and state-of-the-art equipment can make on a person’s life.

The response was both gratifying and humbling. We received donations large and small, every one of them impactful and appreciated.

We are proud of the backing we’ve received from people and institutions in our community. They are our partners in creating programs that help West Michigan grow and thrive.

Many of our donors are Grand Rapids Junior College or Grand Rapids Community College alumni. They know the value of a degree or certificate. Other support came from GRCC faculty and staff who see firsthand the transformation in students when they get help overcoming financial challenges.

There is more work to do, more students of all ages to support. Last year, we offered more than $1 million in scholarships, and there were still hundreds more students who qualified.

Please know that your generosity is appreciated and celebrated — and never taken for granted. Thank you for all you do to make GRCC great and West Michigan an incredible place to live and work.

With gratitude,

kathy Mullins signature

Kathryn K. Mullins, Ed.D.

Vice President for College Advancement