Thank You: A letter from Kathryn Mullins, Vice President for College Advancement

Kathy MullinsFor the first time in its history, the Grand Rapids Community College Foundation was able to offer $1 million in scholarships in one year! This is an impressive number and we are so grateful to you for helping us reach this milestone.

But the number is only part of the story. The more important part is how we convert your generosity into a student's success.

We are proud of the role that GRCC plays in developing the leaders of our community. You see them in our businesses, our schools, our governments and our community organizations.

We are just as proud of the people who came to GRCC to receive the support they needed to get a quality education. Some of them continued their pathway to a four-year school. Others used an associate degree or certificate to get a good job or advance in their career. All of them make our community stronger.

In the previous pages, you saw stories about how donors like you have made a difference in our students’ lives — about how education opens doors, and makes dreams come true.

Many of our donors are Grand Rapids Junior College or Grand Rapids Community College alumni, including some who themselves are thriving today because of support they received as a student. Others are GRCC faculty and staff who see firsthand the transformation in students when they get help overcoming financial obstacles. And others are the people and institutions in our community — our partners who know the role GRCC plays in helping West Michigan grow and thrive.

There is more work to do, more students of all ages to support, and more facilities to improve so our students have the best possible environment and tools for success. 

Please know that your generosity is appreciated and celebrated. Thank you for all that you do to make GRCC great, and West Michigan an incredible place to live and work!


kathy Mullins signature

Kathryn K. Mullins, Ed.D.

Vice President for College Advancement