Laptop PC (8 day MAX checkout)

Laptop PC. Includes A/C power supply, mouse, VGA cable and case.

 Additional Information and Specifications for Laptops:

  • Can be checked out for 8 days maximum
  • An AUA (Acceptable Use Agreement) must be signed before laptop is checked out
  • You MUST log in at least one time on campus BEFORE using the laptop away from campus.
  • The person checking out the laptop must be the person who shows to pick it up.
  • All laptops are imaged with Windows 8.
  • Issues with the laptop must be addressed to the IT HELP DESK at 234-HELP


Checkout Information:

  • Quantities of this item are limited and available on a first come-first served basis.
  • This item can be checked a maximum of 8 days
  • We carry many different models of laptops including Lenovo and HP. The photo is an example of a typical model.
  • This item must be picked. Delivery is possible if part of a larger event. If this is the case please fill out an Event Support Request Form

If you wish to check out this item please click the link below and fill out the Equipment Checkout Online Form.

Media Equipment Check-Out Request Form