AQIP Quality Checkup

Quality Checkup

GRCC hosted the AQIP Quality Checkup – Baldrige Option on April 2-4, 2014. The Quality Checkup, an AQIP term for a site visit involved two reviewers (Dr. Craig Mosher, Dr. Christine Manion) visiting the campus over a three day period. The Higher Learning Commission scheduled the Quality Checkup to affirm the accuracy of the GRCC Baldrige Option Summary – Accreditation Criteria report (November, 2013), review AQIP Action Projects and strategies identified to capitalize of GRCC’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, affirm GRCC’s commitment to continuing quality improvement, and confirm GRCC’s compliance with accreditation expectations. Documents prepared for the Quality Checkup included the Federal Compliance Filing Report, the Quality Program Summary, and the Obligations of Affiliation report.

A feedback report regarding the checkup visit was received in June, 2014.
HLC Quality Checkup Report - June, 2014

Quality Checkup Documents


Quality Program Summary

Federal Compliance Filing Report - Part 1

Federal Compliance Filing Report - Part 2

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List of Appendices

GRCC Site Visit Agenda

GRCC Obligations of Affiliation Report

Academic & Student Affairs Timeline Report